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About F* Yeah Gay Weddings


AboutF* Yeah Gay Weddings is a global gay wedding blog designed to show great photography, awesome LGBTIQ+ weddings/commitment ceremonies/civil unions with style and edge.

It’s a place that is designed to promote LGBTIQ+ friendly vendors worldwide and both inform and inspire on all things BADASS LGBTIQ+ weddings. This includes formal fashion (e.g. those who don’t dress to their gender norm – it can be hard to find gender neutral formal wear), LGBTIQ+ culture and showcasing real couples who are true to themselves and their stories. And of course be up to date on where in the world gay marriage is legal etc.

I really hope that I can use this space to push the boundaries in the LGBTIQ+ wedding industry and also help couples out there who may have issues enquiring with vendors out of fear of receiving negative responses.

F* Yeah Gay Weddings began in Melbourne (Australia) with the intention of bringing something new to this industry. I work in the wedding industry myself and have been searching for something that truly caters to clinets and their needs. Unable to find such a place, F* Yeah was born!

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Chief enchilada at F* Yeah Gay Weddings

Pae, that’s me!

F Yeah Gay Weddings About Bio page Pae

Hey, I’m Pae (my mama calls me Paola)! Not only do I look after all of the content on F* Yeah I also answer ALL of your emails or enquiries… eventually :)

I’ve planned hundreds of the good, the bad and the ugly kinda weddings and events (actually, mostly good). My fave weddings are the ones that don’t fit inside society’s norms… the badass AF ones!!!

Fun facts:
I’m a “loud” little Latin gurl.
I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner.
I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything.
My daily vocab includes “have you eaten?”, “I love you” and “I farted”… not all at once or in that order.
If I’m not talking to you about feelings I’d be helping you organise something.



Past Contributors

Kristen Ashton

bio pic

Kristen is one of those silent but deadly types. With one foot firmly standing in the concert photography industry, the other in the wedding photography industry another in the digital design industry and another in the wedding blog industry. Yes, she has four feet. She’s one of those annoyingly talented people that is good at everything. We secretly hated her.

Kristen was (2014) F* Yeah’s design guy who looked after the website’s ins and outs, along with co-making big F* yeah decisions.

Lara Luz

bio pic

Lara was a bit of dark horse. She is a wedding photographer, a video editor, a motorcycle riding, hot chocolate connoisseur who was once a ballerina. WOAH?! Yeah, you heard me.

No one really knew what she did at F* Yeah (2014). Maybe she looked after all the social media, marketing and was the final swing vote on large F* Yeah decisions. Maybe she was the king of the music playlists and maybe she was the one that always managed to look busy even when she was actually doing nothing. Maybe.

Zann Michaels

zan bio BW

Zann has attempted to be many things over the years. Boat captain. Truck driver. Barista. Rapper. Sometimes these things worked, most often they did not. The only two things Zann has ever been any good at is staying happily married and putting words together that don’t hurt your face.

@ F* yeah, Zann was my resident relationship guru, sprouting advice like she knows stuff about love. She’s like that friend who offers relationship advice when you haven’t asked for it. Yeah, you know the one.

Tara Rosa

Tara Rosa bio

Tara married the love of her life in June of 2014, after 6 years of facing insecurities about her sexuality. These struggles are no more, as she embarks on life’s journey with her wife, Mandi by her side. They currently run a YouTube channel, Living Rosa, capturing the road to motherhood as a same-sex couple.

@ F* yeah, Tara put a smile on my face and laughter in my heart as she shared her heart-felt and sometimes funny experiences. With her brutal honesty, she provided F* Yeah with advice that left you eager for more.

Bird Man

David bio

Always the bride’s maid but never the bride. Bird Man’s that guy that’s been around the traps… the fashion traps that is. With 15 years of experience all over the fashion world, Bird Man was our style guru. With a passion for tailoring and dapper style, he was basically born with a blazer on. Bird Man will be sure to get your stitches in order regardless of your style.

@ F*yeah, Bird Man was my fashionista, fashion stylist with hot advice on all things fashion, fashion, fashion!


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