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Adam + Kevin’s English Garden Wedding | USA

Real Weddings / July 1, 2015

Once in a while you come across a wedding story that just has that little bit extra something. Adam and Kevin’s story includes a couple of little somethings… 2 proposals!!

Adam and Kevin were married a couple of months back at a “100 year old restored building with wood rafters and distressed cement walls with an incredible amount of character”. We’re swooning over the grey and aubergine tones and many florals – such bliss!

About Adam + Kevin:

The boys met online, set up a date and had “the most amazing dinner filled with laughs, oogly googly eyes”. But that wasn’t the best part, now to those proposals… because, 2 proposals!

When Kevin proposed to Adam:

(A cup of tea, biscuit and tissues are highly recommended before reading on)
“I loved the idea of putting a padlock on a bridge, so began looking for the perfect place, with scenery, less people and traffic and then there it was – Millennium Bridge [UK], the link between Tate Modern and St. Paul’s Cathedral. I made reservations for dinner that night and planned for every possible outcome.” 

“…As we got onto the bridge just before midnight, there was almost no one there but us, we walked towards the St. Paul side and found a spot. I reached down in the back to grab the lock, then handed it to him to place, and then reached down again for the key and the RING! After he placed the lock on the railing, I turned to him and told him how much I loved him and how there was nothing that could ever keep us apart, then I broke our hug and got down on my knee to ask him to marry me, he said “YES”, which I replied “Really?” (before standing up) and then he said “of course, yes!” As we hugged and kissed and took in such an amazing moment with the bridge all alight and all of the London landmarks in site, the bells at St. Paul’s began to chime and it was confirmed, it had gone perfectly.”

And when Adam proposed to Kevin:

“Not to let Kevin steal my thunder, I wanted to do my own proposal but decided to wait a while until he didn’t expect it. Everyone was on my case all the time about where Kevin’s ring was but I was quietly waiting to spring my surprise. The questions regarding Kevin’s ring had started to die down, so I thought this was my opportunity. Kevin had previously talked about who much he missed his horses and how he wished he could ride again, “Perfect” I thought. So with the ring sneakily purchased beforehand we began our weekend in San Diego.

Sunday was quickly upon us and after spending some time shopping it was time to take Kevin on his little adventure. He didn’t know where he was going just that we had to be somewhere at 6pm. We would be going south of San Diego; to a Ranch just spitting distance from the Mexico board. Once we started getting closer to our destination Kevin couldn’t contain himself any longer and started randomly guessing where we were going, but once we got to the gate the big sign said it all “San Diego Horse Riding Tours”. Kevin shouted all excited “Are we going horse riding?’, “Yep” I said with a smile. But little did he know I was going to propose on a beach on the Mexico border at sunset.”

Nawwwws galore!

While the boys chose several traditional elements to their wedding, such as not seeing each other on the day before the wedding, they opted to see each other just before the ceremony which made for some adorable portraits in the gardens.

On their attire:

“We designed our own custom three piece suits at Nordstrom’s that turned out amazing. Our shirts from Hugh & Crye were a random find online but could not have been any more perfect for fit, color, design. We toyed with the idea of different shirts on each of us and lots of different patterns, but at the end of the day the large print purple gingham shirts won out for both of us… a decision looking back at the pictures we were REALLY happy with. Shoes were classic oxfords and the matching belt in a perfect copper brown by Allen Edmunds. We had a burnished shoe shine to give the shoes that great darker cap and fade which turned out perfect.”

Ambient sounds of the string quartet filled the ceremony space that awaited the boys’ procession. “Our goal in the ceremony was to come together and really share that moment with everyone in the room.”

“Our Parents being right there and being able to connect with them during the ceremony was really special and writing our own vows and sharing them is something neither of us will ever forget. “ Damn it, I have something in my eye :/

Following the ceremony was the hour of cocktails, on the lawn, while the string quartet played of course!

At the reception, in the Pavilion, an explosion of flowers and delicate pieces adorned the room. “The whole venue smelled like an English Country Garden and completely blew us away when we got our first look inside.”

On their superstar vendors:

Wedding planner – “We have to make sure to call out our wedding planner Kameron here. This wedding would not have been a lot of what is was without her being right by our sides. From that first phone conversation –since we lived in San Diego and her in Delaware and the wedding in Pennsylvania – it was magic and an automatic connection. She was SO amazingly helpful in everything that she did for us and with our vendors and WHAT a negotiator!! On the day of the wedding, she brought all of the positivity in the world to the room and had everything under control, no question. Kameron was truly a gift to us and completely exceeded our expectations and there is no way we could have done it without her!!”

Photographer – “Sarah has an amazing ability to capture the moment in her photos and that was something each person who saw them was saying… that you could feel the love in the photo between us or that same amazing vibe in the reception that night. Sarah is an artist and we wanted her to do her thing that day – we had a few pictures we wanted to have done and the rest was up to her and we could not be happier with what memories she captured for us that day.”

Wedding planning tips:

“First of all, don’t underestimate how that day actually feels. It is above all about the love you share with one another and how you want to share that with your family/friends that day. You will not please everyone, don’t try or even fret about it – do what you want, there is no guide to what YOUR wedding has to be. It will go SOOO quickly – so one thing we would have changed was adding more time for the reception. Nothing runs on time that day, so by the time you hit the reception you’ve already cut into the dancing time. Take a few moments in the day to yourselves – this is virtually impossible, just FYI, but you must do it…at least once. You two, ALONE, to take a deep breath and realize what this day means to the two of you and to feel the love and support in the air – it is quite incredible.”

And roll credits…

Photographer: Sarah Miller Photography | Wedding Planner:  Kameron  McConnell @ Affair Events | Attire – grooms’:  Nordstrom (suits) + Allen Edmonds (belt + shoes) + Hugh & Crye (shirts) | Attire – Groomsmaids + Groomsmen: Vera Wang @ Men’s Warehouse (tuxes) + Morilee by Madeline Gardner (dresses) + Aldo +Nordstrom (shoes) + Nordstrom (jewellery) + Miansai (anchor bracelets) | Attire – Flowergirl: Baby Beenos @ Etsy | Cake + Catering: Jeffrey A. Miller | Entertainment/Music: City Rhythm | Favors: DIY | Flowers & Styling: Second Chance Designs | Officiant: Susan Harte @ Journeys of the Heart | Rings: Bert Levi Family Jewelers | Stationery: Paper Source | Venue: John James Aubudon Center @ Mill Grove

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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