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Andreas + Adrian’s puttin’ on the ritz wedding | Luxembourg

Real Weddings / February 25, 2016
Wedding Colour Palette

Wedding Planning Details
Wedding date: 25th October, 2015
Budget: Premium budget
Number of guests: 60 people
Planning time: 1 year
Venue Type: Castle
Food menu: Buffet style

Wedding Vendors
Flowers: Timo Bolte
Jewellery: Natalie Bleyer Goldschmiedin
Music: Ramin Yazdanpanah
Rabi: Roman Grinberg

The Story

Oh Adrian and Andreas, how we loved your portrait session featured back in June last year. So could you imagine my delight to receive their wedding images?!

Luxembourg Castle was their venue of choice, a “beautifully restored imperial castle a little outside of Vienna.” And what a stunning backdrop it was for their Ritzy affair!

I know that I’ve used these word to describe these two before, but they really do exude sophistication (and elegance), so of course their wedding was nothing less than sheer class. One of Andreas and Adrian’s theme was “tradition with a twist”. The other was a classy colour theme.

But first, a little about their proposal…
“For his birthday that year [2014] I gave Adrian a weekend trip to a beautiful design hotel in Styria as a present. Although it was in the middle of Summer, it was a very cold day, so they heated up the fireplace and it all felt very cozy and romantic. After we had a delicious dinner I asked Adrian if he wanted to go for a short walk outside. I think he was a bit confused because it was cold but he finally agreed and we went outside. So after a couple of minutes and a short walk I told him how happy he made me and how lucky I am, to be his partner. After that I went on my knee, and asked very formal if he would do me the honor of marrying me. He first thought it was a joke but when he realized it wasn’t, he quickly said yes and we both had tears in our eyes.”

On their ceremony + reception

“In the beginning of the planning process we thought we would do some DIY projects but pretty soon realized, that this just wasn’t us…but with two exemptions:
– One was all the stationery which I (Andreas) did myself. But as a graphic designer it was kind of obvious to do so ;)
– The second thing we (with the help of our family) did ourselves was the Chuppah. We built it from birch tree logs and used a Tallit we bought in Israel as the roof. I am really happy we decided to do this ourselves because it added some meaning and feeling to the Chuppah for us.”

You might be guessing that the boys decided on Jewish traditions given their Jewish heritage? Nope, neither boys are Jewish – Adrian just happens to be a Kabbalah student.

“We were happy to find someone to do the ceremony exactly as we hoped it would be, with all the Jewish elements like the Chuppah, the Ketubah, the Seven Circles, the Breaking of the Glass and even the Yichud. But he added some fun information and made the whole thing really entertaining for our guests and us. And of course there was no bride so that was another twist in it.” Learn more about Jewish wedding traditions here.

“For the evening we didn’t have too much of a plan or program. We just wanted everyone to enjoy the Israeli food, to dwell in the beautiful location, to drink, to party and to celebrate all kinds of love. In other words: to have a great time and a night to remember.”

“While we ate dinner we had some life music in the style of Frank Sinatra and the swing era. Also the ceremony room was transferred into a dancefloor with light shows and we set up a bar underneath the Chuppah that was opened after the dinner. Later the DJ played a real great mix – from ‘gay divas’ like Madonna and Kylie to house music. We were happy to see the dancefloor crowded at all time!”

“We chose dark blue and gold because it fit the ambience of the location and reflected the season in a way, with the gold-yellow foliage, early sunsets and long nights.”

“We chose not to have a traditional guestbook but to put up a golden globe that we asked people to sign.”

“Also we didn’t have tables numbers but instead we had names of cities Adrian and I traveled to together. We also added a few lines on what we did there and why it is a special place to us.”

“There was a lot of dancing going on! And I mean a lot (not too much of a surprise since we had many professional ballet dancers as our guests)! Everyone joined in the traditional Hora dance and was out of breath after it. It was great fun!”

On their photographer, Carmen and Ingo

“Apart from the great pictures we love that it felt like we spent the day with friends, not with vendors. They made us laugh, they made us relax and they made us cry by setting up a very emotional first look. But above all they created memories for which we will be forever grateful.”

Wedding tips for the readers?

“Get a clear idea of what you want and what fits you as a couple and do not get distracted by things you see on the internet. Of course blogs and Pinterest are a great source of inspiration [nice save boys hehe] especially at the beginning of your planning process. But there are just too many different ways to celebrate a beautiful wedding, so you can easily get lost. The questions we kept asking ourselves throughout the planning process were ‘How do we wanna make our guests feel?’ and ‘Does this reflect how we genuinely are?’ “

So many stunning and epic moments captured by Carmen and Ingo, thanks guys!  Andreas and Adrian, thank you for gracing us with your presence yet again. Congratulations boys and may you both have many, many, many weird adventures together :)

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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on February 26, 2016

Such an elegant and romantic wedding. Love the “Whoop Whoop” cake.

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