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Annie + Kristina’s awesome rainy day wedding | Australia

Real Weddings / February 18, 2015
“Annie proposed dressed as wonder woman surrounded by 100 tea light candles and standing inside the Lasoo of truth
(wonder woman reference). ”

With a proposal like that you can imagine how awesome this wedding was destined to be. Despite typical Queensland stormy weather they kept smiles on their faces and had an amazing day. I kinda want to be BFFs with these two adorable humans!

With a vintage feel and heaps of handmade elements (Kristina did the watercolours for their invitations and Annie and her mum made her dress), the girls went one step further and made their wedding unplugged – “we just wanted a day where everyone was there and present and technology wasn’t a factor

We chose to have Annie’s mum perform the ceremony as for us having someone marry us that didn’t know everything we’ve been through together didn’t feel as special. By having her mum perform the ceremony it felt like it wasn’t just us that we were vowing to one another but also our family and friends present. Marriage to us isn’t the legality of things (obviously because its not recognised where we live) but having that person in your life who you get to call wife, that person you tell your secrets to, share your day with, the highs and lows, having someone in your corner who is your own personal cheerleader. Being able to write your story together, sharing that eventually with your kids, showing them that you are committed to one another by joining together in marriage. That our relationship is just as valid as their friends parents. Annie has decided to take my last name and that’s something really important to her to reinforce the fact we got married and are family.

On the day

Unfortunately (or fortunately seeing as it’s Annie’s favourite kind of weather) about half an hour before the ceremony was due to start the first of two massive storms hit. We had about 30ml of rain in 30 mins, horizontal rain that soaked our reception area and a tree that got uprooted metres from where the ceremony was started. As Annie’s mum asked us to share our vows with one another, Annie turned to me and said “I think we should run…” I looked at our guests as the black and green clouds rolled in and the umbrellas we were holding were almost blown away and shouted “EVERYBODY RUN!!” So we did. We then used all the towels in the house to dry off our guests and just took the ceremony into the rumpus room. Erin our wedding planner did a quick impromptu style for us and we just started again :)

Up until the day of the wedding, we had everything organised for one long table sit down reception, with the Veggie Patch Van from Sydney catering a Vegetarian banquet for us. Seeing though as the rain before the ceremony drenched our reception area – we wound up having the ice blocks by Madame Pop after the ceremony as we watched the storm pass. The Veggie Patch Van still rolled up and did an amazing job with the variety of foods on offer and for anyone keen on a wedding without any dietary problems we couldn’t recommend them more. We were all able to have our sit down banquet – just not as decked out as we had originally planned for.

On their awesome vendors

We had 3 vendors that really stood out, our photographer Jess Jackson, our videographers Maria & Al from One Day in Mind and Erin from Hope & Lace Wedding Planning. We immediately felt comfortable with everyone and even have made standing friendships. We had met a few times with our Wedding planner prior to deciding on having Jess Jackson do our photos. The two of them had worked together previously and the images produced were nothing short of amazing. Jess’s ability to capture the day in images was nothing short of perfect. We were blown away with the quality and way Jess made us both look so candidly beautiful. It means a lot to us that when we decide to have children, our wedding day is something we can share, both through cinematography and candid images that tell the story.

Best moment of the day?

Our first look was probably my (Kristina’s) favourite moment of the whole day – having spent the night apart and in separate houses I was pretty anxious with the bad weather that was rolling in. Seeing Annie though made everything better. The rest of the day was all smiles – even with the hail and flooding in the backyard. For Annie it would have to be the moment she first heard and saw Andy Brown in front of us playing our first dance song ‘Happiness’. We first came across him about 2 yrs ago and fell in love with his music. We had picked Happiness as our first dance song and it was meant to be that he was back in Australia around the time of the wedding. Annie was so shell shocked, she kept spinning me around while dancing so she could watch him sing! With the rain it meant Andy was acoustic the whole time he was there, so he wandered around the property while we had our photos taken.

Tips for others!

The best investment we made was getting a wedding Planner. Not only with the wedding being interstate but also with the crazy weather on the day, Erin was able to help us roll with the changes and make everything run smoothly. At the end of the day, as much as you probably want to make sure family and friends are happy, you both have to be happy with your decisions. We had hiccups along the way and a few things that weren’t finalised till the very last minute, but having Erin there with us to help on the day took so much of the stress off our shoulders and allowed us to just be present with one another and our family and friends.

Photographer: Jess Jackson | Attire: (Annie) Dress – made by Annie and her Mum, Hair piece – Annie’s Grandmother’s pearls, Shoes – Charluce Shoes + (Kristina) Suit – Regent Tailors, Vest – When Freddie Met Lilly, Collar tips – TravisBishop, Shoes – Hype + (Bridesmaids’ dresses) – Various, online + (Groomsmen’s suits + Bowties) – Roger David | Cake: White Wedding and Rebel Rebel Cupcakes | Catering: – The Veggie Patch Van | Favours: Madame Pop | Flowers: Elizabeth Rose | Hair & make-up: Tracie Weaver Makeup Artist | Music + AV: Sydney String Melodic + Andy Brown + Penrith Light and Sound | Officiant: Annie’s Mother | Props hire: That Perfect Touch +  Nomadic Tents + Vintage Patina | Rings: Michael Hill | Stationery: Watercolours by Kristina + Senna Jean Design | Venue: Private residence + (honeymoon tent) Advant Garde Camping Company | Videographer: One Day in Mind | Wedding planning & styling: Hope and Lace

Kristen Ashton
Kristen Ashton
Kristen is one of those silent but deadly types. With one foot firmly standing in the concert photography industry, the other in the wedding photography industry another in the digital design industry and another in the wedding blog industry. Yes. She has four feet. She’s one of those annoyingly talented people that is good at everything. We secretly hate her. @ F* yeah, Kristen is the design guy looking after the website’s ins and outs along with co-making big F* yeah decisions.

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on March 27, 2015

Utterly gorgeous in every way.. the images have blown me away…
Every real detail captured so delicately … stunning! x

on February 20, 2015


on February 18, 2015

So beautiful! Lusting hard after Kristina’s hair colour, too! ^_^

on February 17, 2015

Kristina Doyle you guys set a high standard!! But so lovely :)
Also, you are gay wedding famous hahaha

on February 17, 2015


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