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Ashley + Courtney’s Music Hall Wedding | USA

Real Weddings / December 24, 2014

Ashley and Courtney got married in an old jazz music hall in downtown Buffalo – the furtherest from a traditional venue you can get! No sit down tables or seating chart, just concert floors, a balcony, super cool lighting and a giant bar. They got married right on the stage and their aisle was the dance floor.

They decorated their music hall wedding with lavender, orange and yellow highlighted by burlap and raw wood. Just about everything was DIY from the centre pieces and the donut bar and candy bar to the handmade card box and photo frames. Ashley’s sister made all their invites, signs, tags, thank yous, etc.

“I felt like I spent every night with a glue gun, ribbons, and fabric flowers and a lot of wine. That was an added extra to help keep the sanity. The night before we enlisted some help from our friends and played old school nintendo and crafted our center pieces and gift bags for the out of town guests.”

Ashley says: “I bought fucking 4 dresses. I thought my wallet and wife to be were going to kill me. My first one was cute and fun, my second was a gorgous puffy ball gown but two weeks before the wedding I thought what the hell am I doing in a ball gown? So back to the store and came up with two more dresses. I choose the last of them – some off the rack dress from Bloomingdales for $190 – it was perfect. It was everything I wanted from the start, a basic kind of hippy-ish boho dress with some lace. I told [the wedding party] to pick whatever you want in the light purple category. The three of them couldn’t be anymore different so finding one dress wasn’t going to happen. the fact the dresses were all so different and off colored from each other I think looked awesome. Courtney got a custom tailored suit, she picked out everything from buttons to thread color to jacket liner, even how many buttons etc. The boys who own and run the shop were so cool with us and so informative. She got ‘Soper’s one and only’ (my last name, her new last name) stitched in under the collar of the jacket and her maiden name stitched into the collar of her button up. She wanted suspenders and an ascot – no tie for her – and I’m glad she stuck to her guns on that and didn’t go with a tie, it fit her perfectly”

The ceremony and reception was a late night cocktail style with no rules or no traditions and lots of drinking and dancing. The girls had a blow up photo booth that fit about 10 people at once, and there was always a line! They didn’t want a sit down, wait and eat kind of wedding, in fact, they didn’t even want people to sit at all – guests ate when they wanted and what they wanted. As for the ceremony itself, they did a sand ceremony which is where you take different color sand and combine them together in the way that the sand will never be separated again.

“Our judge was amazing, the words she spoke really were like they were meant for us. The wedding itself was great and fun but the purpose of the celebration was for us to get married so we read through several ceremonies to pick the best one. We thought about writing our own vows but I figured me pulling an index card out of my bra and crying like a child wouldn’t have been that attractive. We cried of course – we forgot what hand the ring went on and messed up some words and I couldn’t of asked for it better. I just remember thinking what the hell hand does this ring go on and laughing. It sums us up perfectly”

Tips for other couples:

“Be you. We kept it very true to us. We have friends getting married and in the process they lose themselves and then all of a sudden their weddings become a mash up of their mom’s and families’ opinions. We threw a celebration for us because thats who it’s for, you. All the little shit you think matters, it doesn’t. The 5 extra pounds, the not so perfect white teeth, no one cares. I mean no one even cares what your shoes look like! A wedding isn’t about the reception it’s about the ceremony, don’t lose sight of that.”

Photographer: City Lights Studio | Attire: Bloomingdales (Ashley’s final dress) + Bureau (Courtney’s suit) | Cakes / Sweets: Paula’s Donuts | Catering + Venue: The Tralf Music Hall | Décor / Event Styling + Favours + Stationery: Anchored by Design | Flowers: Flowers by Johnny | Jewellery: Barbara Oliver & Co. | Officiant: Buffalo NY Family Court Judge Lovallo

Kristen Ashton
Kristen Ashton
Kristen is one of those silent but deadly types. With one foot firmly standing in the concert photography industry, the other in the wedding photography industry another in the digital design industry and another in the wedding blog industry. Yes. She has four feet. She’s one of those annoyingly talented people that is good at everything. We secretly hate her. @ F* yeah, Kristen is the design guy looking after the website’s ins and outs along with co-making big F* yeah decisions.

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