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Lisa + Saskia’s awesome little love shoot | Germany

Portraits / March 22, 2016

“…we are awesome and so much more awesome together. That’s it.”

A sweet lady by the name of Miriam, from Fraeulein Wunschfrei Fotographie, sent me a small selection of images of “two pretty German girls”. And here’s what I saw… an awesome little super-dooper cute love shoot worthy of much nawwwws! And I couldn’t be more happy to share their love shoot with you guys.

About Lisa + Saskia

Lisa (in the shorts) and Saskia (in the dress) met at the end of 2014. One month into ‘seeing where this takes us’ phase, they were hooked! Lisa and Saskia go on to describe their love for each other simply as “…we are awesome and so much more awesome together. That’s it.” What else is there to say really?!

On their shoot

“We were nervous the day before. After the first few minutes it felt like we were at home, in our four walls and there was no need to be afraid or nervous anymore.”

“We love the location because the surroundings were so beautiful. The sun was perfect, all in harmony.”

On their attire

“Saskia fell in love with the white dress, so she decided to wear it because it looked as though it was in harmony with nature. I [Lisa] had to choose an outfit that matched her dress. I have an eye for clothes, so it didn’t take me long to find the perfect matching outfit.”

Fave parts of the shoot?

“Everything, because Miri is awesome!!!” Hehe.

Lisa and Saskia what cute pair of lovebirds they are, am I right?!

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