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Meg + Rosie’s barefoot sunset beach portrait session | USA

Portraits / November 10, 2016

Barefoot sunset beach portrait session – Higbee Beach, New Jersey

Shoot Details
Shoot date: August 15, 2016
Photographer: Tara Beth Photography

There’s something mystical about at the beach at sunset. All that relaxed and warm haze, the sounds of little wave crashes on the shore and the smell of crisp sea air *record scratch*… I digress *clears throat*. Meet Meg and Rosie, two lovers who had a sweet and romantical portrait session by the sea but one of my faves, Tara Beth.

The Couple

Meg and Rosie have been together for over 5 years. “We met as teammates playing for the Village Lions Rugby Club (NYC) in 2008.”

Rosie (left) + Meg (right)
The Proposal

Meg: “As an avid golf lover, Rosie had a hankering to play 18-holes while I reluctantly went along for the ride (being the supportive partner that I am). Afterwards, Rosie suggested going to the beach to watch the sunset so we enjoyed an Italian seafood dinner on our way. Once at the beach, Rosie nervously struggled to find a perfect spot on the near-empty Rockaway Beach. (There couldn’t be ANYONE in between us and the sunset for pictures). As we lay there watching the sunset, Rosie presented the ring to me and couldn’t find the words so I just stared at her nervously laughing. After what seemed like an eternity, the words, ‘Well…will you marry me?’ finally came out of Rosie’s mouth. I replied, ‘Of course, I will!’ and then the laughter happened. It’s a wrap after that.”

The Shoot

“The beach is significant to us because we got engaged at a beach during sunset. So when Tara suggested Higbee Beach at sunset, we were 100% on board. It also gave us an excuse to go on a mini-vacation and visit with old friends who live close by.”

“Tara had suggested bringing stuff to set up for a picnic (the intended use for the tapestries). However, props weren’t really the emphasis of our shoot. The only props we really used were the tapestries and a blanket to sit on. We gave Tara the freedom to do what her creative intuition inspired her to do. Tara used the beauty of our love and the beauty of our surroundings as the focus of our shots.”

The Photographer

“Tara made us both feel comfortable right off the bat. We had no idea what to expect so we really put our trust in her. Meg is not one to whip her top off at a public beach, but Tara made it easy and comfortable. It didn’t feel posed or staged. It felt authentic and genuine.”

Most memorable moment?

“Tara was being attacked by horseflies for the duration of the shoot. And while we were in the water, both Tara and Rosie got stung by jellyfish! Despite all that, we all walked away with smiles, laughter and a damn good photo shoot.”

Meg and Rosie were married this past October. Head on over to check out their beautiful day right here.


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