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Brenda + Reiner’s DIY Tivoli Terrace wedding | USA

Real Weddings / September 9, 2015

“…finally sitting down, taking a good look around and seeing

the venue filled with family and friends who support and love us.”

Brenda (in the gorgeous white dress) and Reiner (in the smashing blue suit) had a Laguna Beach wedding at the beautiful Tivoli Terrace, California.

Whilst they had a few traditional items and components to their wedding, they went against the grain and decided on a ‘first look’ portrait session. This allowed them to have a tender and private moment to see eachother before the ceremony. Love that!

About Brenda + Reiner (Rey):

These two love birds have been together for over 3 years. Their love story, nay adorable love story, begins with these two meeting at a club in West Hollywood which included a ‘IT’S A SIGN’ moment. After a couple of exchanges in cheeky smiles, dancefloor antics, and several thumbs up from their friends, this happened:
Brenda recalls – “That night I still had my cell phone full of 2.5 years worth of memories from my last relationship. I remember looking at the time on my cell as a popular song came on and we began to dance so close that we ended up exchanging a kiss that made the entire…world…stop. I can still swear that I could not hear anything that was going around us. After that song was over we went outside to get some fresh air. I reached for my phone and it was no longer in my pocket, I had lost it! I lost the 2.5 years of the last relationship that I was still carrying around with me. Rey wanted to go inside and look for it but I said ‘no its okay’. She didn’t understand then but she does now.”

Brenda and Reiner had a “tonne of DIY” items, from the stationery to the ribbon streamers (for each guest to utilise at the end of the ceremony)…

… to the cute table numbers and centrepieces.

On their favourite vendor:

“If I told you that one of our vendors gave us a 10% discount for being a same-sex couple would you believe it? Well they did! Tivoli Terrace gave us a 10% discount for bringing in a flyer from their Long Beach Pride booth. They were beyond amazing, that entire group of people are just great! The entire team made us feel special and never did they make it about a same-sex wedding. To them it was another couple in love and I just loved that about them.”

At their ceremony, the girls decided to have Brenda walk herself down the aisle to where Reiner stood waiting. Damn it, I think I have something in my eye!

Most memorable moment:

“The most memorable moment was when we were finally sitting down, taking a good look around and seeing the venue filled with family and friends who support and love us.”

Brenda speaks candidly about the tough moment at her and Reiner’s wedding:

“My father was unfortunately not there to support me, something that I think we all wish we had. My brother asked if I wanted him to walk me down but it was not necessary, that’s just a tradition that does not have to make or break that special day. Rey and I decided that there was no need for anyone to walk me to her, she would be waiting as I walk to stand side by side with her as we will for the rest of our lives. Honestly I thought that I would be crying at some point that day because my father did not attend, but not a single moment did he cross my mind. My mother and all siblings were present, including my new mom and dad (Rey’s parents) and sisters (Rey’s sisters). Does it hurt that my father was not there? Yes, but he is still my father and even if he can’t be as supportive as the rest of my family I do not hold that against him. I just keep him close to me – after all we only get one father in this life!”

Wedding tips:

“My tips for any couple (gay or straight) is that moment, that day, is about the two of you. Don’t dwell on the small or big things that don’t go as you imagined it or dreamed of.”

Brenda and Reiner had their wedding their way. They surrounded themselves with their loved ones and had a hoot of a time! F* Yeah would like to congratulate these two awesome humans and wish them all the love, feels and good stuff on their seriously beautiful lives together.

Credits please…
Photographer: Stephanie at George Street Photography | Attire: Karoza Bridal (dress) + Downtown Suits Outlet (all suits) + Nordstrom (bridesmaids) | Cake / Desserts + Catering + Wedding Planner/Coordinators + Venue & Venue Styling:  Tivoli Terrace | Favors: DIY streamers | Flowers: Flower District | Hair: A Tamara Dahill Salon | Jewellery & Accesories: Tiffany & Co. + DIY veil (by Brenda) | Music: DJ | Officiant: Ashley Olivera (friend) | Stationery: DIY | Transport: Laguna Beach Transit

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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on March 4, 2016

What an amazing venue! So different and gorgeous.

on November 25, 2015

this wedding is absolutely beautiful!, stunning, just STUNNING!

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