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Camilla + Megan’s whimsy treehouse elopement | USA

Real Weddings / March 16, 2017

TreeHouse Point elopement – Cassandra Zetta – Fall City, Washington

Wedding Colour Palette

Shoot Details
Elopement date: 10th August, 2016
Number of guests: 2 people
Planning time: 1 year

Photographer: Cassandra Zetta
Location: TreeHouse Point
Officiant: Janet McIntosh
Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Head Dress: (headpiece) Alfred Angelo + (flower crown) DeloopBridal
Flowers: New Garden Flowers
Hair + Make-up: Salon Maison

When I was a kid I loved climbing trees, as most of us did and probably still do, but I never had a treehouse. I remember hearing stories of kids and their treehouses who had either fallen out of or were attacked by a bird in them. At the time I sorta wished that that was me with a bleeding arm because I could say “it happened in MY TREEHOUSE”! Ah *sigh*. Anyway… today’s feature is of a beautiful and whimsical treehouse elopement! Pretty much my dream come true really. I mean, a forest + a treehouse + 2 witnesses + beautiful gowns + you and your love?! Amirite!!!!

Camilla and Megan donned their best gowns and trekked along the river through the thick forest of TreeHouse Point to say I do in a romantical AF intimate ceremony. Hands up who just got chills *puts hand up*.

The Couple

“We have been friends for 10 years, dating for 7 years, and married for only a few seconds. We actually grew up in the same city. We started becoming friends, because we rode the same bus in middle school. By the time high school rolled around we had become best friends. It was during high school that we realized we wanted to be more than friends. Every day since then our love for each other continues to grow.”

The ‘Non-Proposal’ Proposal

Camilla: “Megan knew I wanted to get married, it was just bad timing. We were both trying to get through college, so it wasn’t something I actively pursued. Then last summer when I was at the mall, I stopped by the jewelry store to try on rings. My intention was only to look, but I fell in love with one and knew I wanted it. I went home to tell Megan that I bought myself an engagement ring and that is how the proposal went down. There was no question, no champagne, and no secret photographer.”

The Outfits

Camilla: “Both of us wore Alfred Angelo bridal gowns. Megan’s was a soft pink A-line gown with small white flowers at the waist. I wore an ivory ball gown with purple flowers at the waist.”

Camilla (left) + Megan (right)
The Day

“When we thought of getting married we wanted to keep it simple. We wanted the day to be about us and not focusing on the opinions of others. By eloping it felt more personal and romantic.”

“When we first arrived at Treehouse Point we had to pick our ceremony spot. We walked through the trees and along the river. Our photographer pointed out the mound of rocks in the middle of the river and Megan immediately started working on the safest way to get through the water to the mound. I knew right away that Megan wanted to get married in the river when I saw her smile as she not-so-carefully stepped on the slippery stones.”

“When our officiant, Janet, agreed to cross the river we began getting dressed in our treehouse. We helped each other into our dresses as we wanted to share every moment of our day together.”

“We made our way through the forest and into the river to our ceremony site. Our officiant gave us a beautiful nature-themed ceremony. She had us make our own cairn (stacked rocks), a symbol of how to always find your way home to each other no matter where you may journey. We then read aloud our handwritten vows and ended by signing the marriage certificate. One thing that was important to us was signing the certificate during our ceremony, as that is what makes our marriage legal.”

The Photographer

“As soon as we found Cassandra Zetta online we knew she was the perfect photographer for us. We wanted her to photograph our elopement so badly we actually planned our wedding date around her availability. Cassandra was the best photographer we could have hired. She made us feel so comfortable, as if we had been friends for years. She would do anything for the perfect shot, including walking barefoot on rocks for the entire ceremony. The photos she took were spectacular and exactly what we had hoped for!”

Wedding planning tips for the readers:

“Start early so that you can enjoy the process. Don’t stress the small stuff, as the details will all fall into place eventually.”

Camilla and Megan your day was loverly and gave us all sorts of warm and fuzzy feels. Many, many well wishes to you both on your beautiful adventures together. And big ups to the fab Cassandra for capturing such a stunning day xx.

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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Amazing picture,perfect place for perfect couple.Best wishes for your life.

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