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Carmel + Joy’s Fun Manhattan Elopement | USA

Real Weddings / June 10, 2015

No theme. No DIY. No cake. No guests.
Just 2 girls in love in their black and white dresses, Ray Bans, bright shoes and cat disposable cameras. Perfection.

Carmel + Joy’s elopement is a cute little reminder to us of what true love resembles. Sometimes getting “married” needn’t include all the bells or whistles, sometimes it’s as simple as 2 people and their love for each other.

“As we are both originally from Florida, we were actively planning a beach wedding. Avoiding the stress and financial burdens of having a traditional ceremony, we snuck away to elope in NYC.”

About Carmel + Joy

The girls (Joy on the left, below, and Carmel on the right) are college sweethearts who met at a New Year’s Eve party, nawwwww. The girls’ proposal was equally as beautiful whereby Carmel surprised Joy with a proposal that was staged just a street down from where they had met 8 years earlier. How could anyone say not to a proposal covered in flowers, champagne and a “homemade booth strip of her holding the following signs ‘will’ ‘you’ ‘marry’ ‘me’.” Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

Carmel + Joy opted for a non-traditional option of having their portrait session before the ceremony, love this! “We started taking a few pictures around our gorgeous hotel in SOHO. Then we took the subway to the Manhattan City Clerk’s Office Marriage Bureau. The ceremony was short and sweet.”

Most memorable moment

“The bliss of being wrapped in each other’s arms. Love, uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of NYC.”

On their photographer

“She [Sarah] made us feel special and even stuck around to have pizza and cupcakes afterwards :) Finding the Smitten Chicken website and blog was love at first sight. Naturally we had to see what else was out there but constantly found ourselves comparing everything back to them. Sarah is extremely personable, and her passion for photography is remarkable.”

Wedding tips for our readers

“Be present in each moment. Planning can be very stressful so don’t get caught up in trying to please everyone. On your wedding day soak up all the love and excitement around you and enjoy it!”

Roll credits…
Photographer: Smitten Chickens | Attire: Modcloth (dresses) + Cole Hann (shoes) | Flowers: City Store | Jewellery: Tiffany + Shane Co. | Officiant: provided by Office of the City Clerk – Marriage Bureau | Stationery: Paperless Post | Props (disposable cameras): Urban Outfitters | Transport: MTA | Venue:Office of the City Clerk – Marriage Bureau (ceremony) + NOMO SOHO (hotel)

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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1 Comment

on June 10, 2015

The photos are just beautiful. They clearly show how much in love you are, Carmel and Joy. Have a happy life together!


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