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Chris + Daniel’s fun and intimate wedding | Canada

Real Weddings / August 12, 2015

Chris (grey suit) and Daniel (blue suit) are fun and warm folk. They both knew from the get go that they wanted a simple, fun and intimate wedding. “We kept our priorities simple: we just wanted to have a memorable evening with people we care about.”

The boys located the perfect venue to go with their fun theme…“the space we chose had to be, above all, relaxed and amenable. We found a cute, if economical, public arts space with lots of bright windows. It worked well for us.” Glorious!

About Chris + Daniel:

Who can say that their love story includes a mutual appreciation for H&M? These boys can! Daniel was an employee at H&M and not surprisingly, Chris would frequent the store. Eventually, we agreed to do lunch. Then, two years later on the day, Chris proposed. We gave ourselves a year.

In planning our wedding, there was a lot of talking, finding out what he likes and what he doesn’t. We kept our priorities simple: We just wanted to have a memorable evening with people we care about.”

On their outfits:

“When deciding what to wear, we decidedly rejected black-and-white wedding apparel. We felt it would be too austere, too puritan. Instead, we went in favour of playful, healing colours.” Much joy!

On their photographer and their day:

“We liked Buffy’s in motion, documentary style. We wanted to keep it real, and she delivered supreme justice. The intimacy of the spaces, the warmth between our loved ones—she captured these tiny, sparkling moments of clarity.”

“There was some light rain throughout the day. Miraculously, the sun brightened right before our ceremony began. The ceremony was seamless. Many of our guests commented about how sincere it was. Some even said it was their favourite wedding they had ever attended We were just so happy to say our vows to one another in front of our loved ones, and to enjoy (so) many celebratory libations with them!”

Chris and Daniel’s warm and bright wedding was an emotional day for all involved that made for a truly unique day for these two lovely humans and their family and friends. “We will always cherish the beautiful memories of sharing so much joy and love.” 

And roll credits…
Photographer: Buffy Goodman Photography | Officiant: Carillon Cameron | Venue: City Arts Centre, City of Edmonton

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