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Duong + Jack’s crazy-cool classy wedding | USA

Real Weddings / May 26, 2016
Wedding Colour Palette

Wedding Planning Details
Wedding date: 26th July, 2015
Budget: Premium budget
Number of guests: 192 people
Planning time: 7 months
Venue Type: Ballroom
Food menu: Family style

Wedding Vendors
Photographer: Catherine Abegg
Attire: Combatant Gentlemen + Zara
Catering + Venue: Georgetown Ballroom
Cake: DIY
Favors + Flowers + Styling: DIY
Music: DJ Drew G
Officiant: family member
Photobooth: Naissance Photography
Stationery: Vistaprint

The Story

Have you ever attended a wedding and it felt like an off-the-hook party? This is exactly what Duong and Jack’s crazy cool, yet classy, and fun wedding day was. Duong and Jack’s photographer, Catherine Abegg, captured stunning images of this massive Seattle wedding day of family, friends and fun, fun, fun!

But before I tell you all about their awesome day, a little about these adorable lovers.

Duong + Jack

Sometimes love stories start a little bumpy, Duong adds…
“Funny story, about six years ago I met Terence [friend] at a club and ended up going on a date with Terence. We never became anything more than friends but Terence introduced me to his roommate, Jack, and we definitely hit it off.” Haha.

Duong (left) + Jack (right)
The plans

“We really only focused on four things (finding a venue, photographer, officiant, and DJ) and they ended up being easy choices. The first few venues we visited, we thought were too sterile or polished, so when we saw Georgetown Ballroom, we just loved how random and eclectic it was, and how it really reflected us as a couple.”

“Catherine Abegg was the first photographer we met with and we loved how she was able to put us at ease. We asked Duong’s sister to be the officiant. And Drew G with his Dirty Pop podcast, is Jack’s favorite DJ.”

“With less than a month before the wedding and no decisions being finalized, our friends banded together and told us they would take care of the remaining details. One of our friends designed and built the arbor for us, while another acted as our wedding planner and flower designer. Others helped with the remaining details, such as selecting the cake, putting together the floral arrangements, making mason jar terrariums for the wedding favors, and designing and making the robot and sea cow cake topper to go with our wedding hashtag #robotseacow .”

The wedding day

It is customary in some Asian cultures to a hold private tea ceremony before a wedding couple’s wedding. This beautiful ritual’s purpose is to introduce the two families to each other via tea-making and tea-sharing amongst the family members. At Duong and Jack’s tea ceremony, the boys offered tea to the elders of their families.

Once the tea ceremony concluded, their civil ceremony commenced witnessed by all of the guests. Catherine Abegg goes on…
“The ceremony itself started fifteen minutes earlier than planned because of the impending rainstorm, but Jack got the waterworks flowing and then the storm took over almost immediately after they were pronounced husband and husband. So beautiful, and so Seattle!”

“As promised, their party was outrageous! But Duong and Jack are still all class, with the parts of their ceremony that they performed in order to honor their heritage, as well as with the donations that they made in the name of each guest to Freedom, Inc. They chose this venue because of its quirky, urban backdrop, and it was perfect for their kind of wedding. The food was incredible, the styling was on point, and several of the guests told me that this was the very first gay wedding that they had attended, so the whole room felt alive with celebration, joy, and love.”

The attire

“Where to start with this? Ruling out a traditional tuxedo was easy, as we had agreed that we didn’t want to be too formal. But that still left us with countless options. We ended up deciding that we would wear matching suits that could be grey or black. We tried on a lot of suits, but had a hard time finding one that would look good on both of us. Out of desperation, we ordered the ‘Black Slim Fit Notch Label’ Tuxedo from Combatant Gentlemen, which ended up fitting us both nicely. To make it less formal, we paired it with a slim black ties and black Allen Edmonds ‘Fifth Avenue’ Oxfords.”

The photographer

“Chemistry seems important when it comes to choosing a photographer. Catherine Abegg stood out for us because her calming and relaxed presence. She has a way of making you forget there’s a camera.”

Duong + Jack’s wedding planning tip

“Your wedding is just the first step in your marriage. Stop worrying about having it be perfect and make it fun.” Speaking of fun…

Duong and Jack, sending you the biggest and most colourful congratulations on your beautiful, stylish and effing awesomely fun wedding!

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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1 Comment

on March 3, 2017

I REALLY love the venue, and the styling in general (DIY?!)! Like you mentioned, very eclectic, but the happy couple made it work! Yellow can be a hard color to pull off, both they did it well, and it even matched with the venue. Congratulations!

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