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Awesome painted wedding cutlery | DIY

DIY / Planning & Styling / October 6, 2014
– DYI-ing with Rachael –

I originally had this idea of beautiful, mixed, miss-matching cutlery for our wedding. Every year when Spring rolls around I get a bit bored with things in my house and get a little crafty (I should add all the cutlery we own we’ve had since we moved into our own little nest all those years ago…and let’s just say it’s less then awesome…more the “omg-we-just-moved-out-and-need-EVERYTHING”, easily bending, plain jane, el-cheapo k-mart variety #thankyoupinterest).

So there are a few ways to do this. I tried using spray paint (good if you want all the fine details) but the paint chipped/scratched pretty easily in the “testing” stages. I ended up going the “just gonna dip it in the damn paint can” method. The details aren’t as fine, but they’re pretty good.

What you’ll need:

– Clean cutlery, a whole bunch of it, mixed (or matching if that’s your thing)
– 1x spray-on metal primer
– 1x roll of painter’s tape
– 1x paint can / tin (I used ‘Dulux Rust Guard Gloss Enamel’)
– 1x clothes drying rack/airer
– Clothes pegs (same number as you have cutlery)
– Thick rubber bands (again, same numbers as cutlery)

How it’s done:

Find all the cutlery. I went to my two local thrift shops – it took three visits over two weeks to find enough different pieces for what I wanted to do. The sign said 20c each, but if you fill up a basket they generally round it out…I think I paid roughly $20.

Use the painter’s tape to tape around all the handles to where you feel like painting up to. Spray them with primer and leave them to dry (the paint can said 2 hours, but I got distracted and left it a day). I removed the tape before dipping but you could leave it if you wanted a very crisp line.

I used several different colours, I divvied up the pile of primed utensils into batches, it’s easiest to do one colour at a time. It’s painting time! I looped around the “bungie” rubber band and dipped each fork/knife/spoon into the paint and let the excess runoff until it was safe to hang on the clothes rack via clothes pegs. (Also, I flattened out a box and placed it underneath to catch all the drips.)

The waiting game. The paint can says “2-4 hours”, I checked it the next day and it was still a little soft. I ended up leaving/forgetting about it for 5 days…they were pretty dry by then.

TAH-DAH! They should be dry and ready to go after 24 hours of drying.

Rachael Muller
Rachael Muller
Rachael Muller is a wedding photographer from Sydney, Australia, guest posting for F* Yeah Gay weddings. Oh yeah!

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on February 15, 2016

That is awesome.

on October 16, 2014

Rach, these are super cute! Love the colours – Amaze!!

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