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Andrew + Bryce’s flamboyantly outré tent wedding | USA

Real Weddings / November 17, 2016

Flamboyantly outré tent wedding – Palos Verde, California

Wedding Colour Palette

Wedding Planning Details
Wedding date: Friday (the) 13th Nov. 2015
Budget: Standard
Number of guests: 182 people
Planning time: 6 months
Venue Type: Private residence
Food menu: Family-style

Photographer: Cuckoo’s Next West
Attire: (Suits) Forever 21 Men + (Glitter jumpsuit) Slick It Up + (Headpiece) Corinne Loperfino + (Shoes) Nordstrom
Catering: Silvio’s Brazilian Beach BBQ
Desserts: DIY
Flowers: The Original LA Flower Market
Hair: DIY
Music: Friend + Vox DJs
Officiant: Friend
Rings: Finley’s Fine Jewelery + Staghead Designs
Styling + Props Hire: Friend + Baker Party Rentals
Venue: Private residence, above a tennis court

‘Fierce’, a term that gets dropped on a daily in the 2000s, can be associated with strength and power. Although I generally don’t use this term in my every day lingo I would go on the record to say that this flamboyantly outré wedding is the embodiment of everything that fierce stands for. I think you’ll agree that this wedding eloquently, and confidently, drops the mic and casually walks off stage.

The Story

In their 5 minute video invitation to guests (Vimeo below), Andrew and Bryce asked their guests to dress in ‘eccentric cocktail attire’. “The vibe was, don’t be boring”, describes their photographers Cuckoo Nest West. And as you will see in the images below they did just that. Nothing about this wedding was conventional, traditional or boring… fuck, yes!!!!

The Couple

Andrew on how they met: “I met Bryce while passing through Bryce’s furniture and gift store while I was on a date with someone else, that wasn’t going well anyways. Few days later reconnected through Grindr of all places… (short version)”. Haha.

Andrew (left) + Bryce (right)

Andrew on their proposal: “Our friend has a internet company if Venice Beach, CA on the second floor of a building with 15ft windows facing a roundabout. At the time Bryce’s retail store had a holiday pop-up location that I ran and worked. The location was up the street from a friend’s office. On the 23rd December, 2014 I was driving up to open pop-up shop and Bryce had hung 15ft ‘will you marry me little man’ (nickname for Andrew) painted onto them in 4 windows.” Obviously he said yes :)

The Wedding Day

“Pre ceremony: Intro cocktail hour where we greeted guests and mingled. Had a more conservative attire on then, confusing guests that we deviated from not wearing eccentric cocktail attire like they were asked.”

In lieu of gifts the boys requested that their guests kindly donate to their Help A + B make C fund. A fund that, be still my heart, would help them start a family by means of adoption. Anyone crying and or awwwww-ing right now????

“Ceremony: 2nd attire change to flowered suit coats. We had one of our dearest friends perform the ceremony. We had no wedding party so it was just our family members walking ahead of us. No kids were allowed but we had 4 children with non-musical bubble guns walk the aisle before us. Had a ground circle around ceremony spot of ferns and other greens. Friend Casey McGraw sang and played guitar for us during aisle walk.”

Their outfits were, of course, eccentric cocktail attire – “Think Met Gala meets Hunger Games.” *excitement ensues once more*

“Reception: Under a giant tent atop a tennis court in the evening on the same property as ceremony. Center dance floor. Round tables on both sides of dance floor.”

“Bryce built a custom dinner table for Andrew and himself that was in front of dance floor so all could see them.”

“Plenty of ferns and other greens atop tables and hanging from tent. The tent had custom made canvas walls painted with geometric shapes and some writing.”

“First dance was to Madonna’s ‘Crazy for You’ sang and played acoustically by Casey McGraw (friend). To kick off dancing after dinner we were pulled out from behind curtain karaoke-ing a song ‘Our Love is Alive’, by Suzi Quatro. Andrew had changed into a head to toe gold sequin hoodie jumpsuit.”

The Photographers

“Their style was and is exactly representative of how we live and love. It shared exactly how we are as a couple and they NEVER asked us to ‘smile on the count of 3’ (can’t stand that).” Who can?!

Tips for the Readers

1. DIY: “If you want to include a DIY keep it to only 1 maybe 2!”
2. Fun: “Make it fun, seriously the more fun you have the less stress you will feel on the actual day. Make sure to assign jobs and don’t feel guilty asking for help, people really want to help! “
3. Kids: “No kids is best, if someone complains who cares, it’s your day!”
4. Farewells: “Don’t do a receiving line. Instead get up and walk around while guests eat thanking them and talking with them. But make sure you eat too!”

Congrats you fierce humans you and all the bestest of luck in your fucking amazing future together!

Andrew and Bryce’s eccentrically and flamboyantly outré wedding was stuff of dreams and I cannot tell you how fucking excited I am to share it with all of you! Give it some serious love in the comments below!!

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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