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Jen + Lani’s 4-day beach fiesta destination wedding | Mexico

Real Weddings / January 14, 2015

She was so nervous I was afraid she was going to pass out and fall over the cliff!! So as she knelt down to face me, I grabbed her by her collar to hold her up!  She said the sweetest things, I was crying, and she pulled out the most gorgeous ring.  Of course I said yes and that night we celebrated with Champagne and found the hotel we would later get married at!

You know, sometimes you just come across these weddings that completely blow your mind away. Amazing couple, awesome location, crazy sh*t hot photography, hot fashion choices and well…
… it kinda leaves you speechless.

I have no words, people.

So, since I’m speechless at how awesome today’s feature is, I’m going to let the girls, Jen and Lani, tell you all about it instead.

Jen: “It was a 4 night affair in Puerto Vallarta, so we had plenty of activities and parties to keep everyone busy.  The first night we hosted a fiesta themed welcome party.  I purchased vintage mexico post cards to use as the name cards for seating.  We had sombreros hanging on the back of the bar stools, vintage hand painted shakers at each table setting, brightly colored poms hanging from the ceiling in the outdoor dining room.  We made the little cards that said “Shake this to see a kiss” that went on each Maraca.  We surprised our guests with fire dancers that really kicked the weekend off with a bang!”

“The second day we had a friend who runs a sailing company in Sayulita pick us up in The Alley Cat!  It was a huge catamaran that we hosted a four hour trip around the puerto vallarta bay.  We swam in huge ocean lagoons, drank plenty of coronas, and snorkeled with gorgeous fish.  Everyone had a blast and we made it back just in time for the rehearsal dinner.”

“Lani’s suit was custom designed by our friends Ian & Joe from Nice Collective.  From the beginning they collaborated to create something that was hip, alternative and formal yet something that Lani would feel like herself in.
Jen went traditional with a white lace wedding dress from Ana Maier~Ulla Majier. The dress was found at Marina Morrison bridal boutique on Maiden Lane in San Francisco. It too was custom made over 6 months, and in the end she felt like Grace Kelly! Jen had a second wedding dress for the reception that was more vintage. It was purchased from BHLDN and made dancing the night away a little easier!  It was important for both of us to be comfortable, and be ourselves.”

“We planned for a night time wedding, I wanted to walk down the aisle as the sun was setting.  So Lani and I spent time with each other until about 2pm that afternoon. The lighting was gorgeous, and we had purchased and carried with us to Mexico over 200 hanging tealights for the outdoor ceremony area. The waves were crashing below and it was more beautiful and romantic than we could have ever imagined.”

“We surprised our guests yet again with a huge fireworks show on the water after the cutting of the cake.  We danced the night away, and a friend even brought out his accordion to serenade us poolside.”

On their photographers

“We fell in love with Chrisman Studios immediately. After I discovered them, no other photographer compared.  We loved their aesthetic, the rawness of their photos, the honesty and realism they captured, the color and lighting was magical in their work.  We knew we wanted a night time ceremony and reception, and we were worried about a photographer being able to capture clear pictures in this setting. Chrisman Studios knew exactly how to do this and we were beyond thrilled with the quality and lighting and colors they captured.
We trusted them fully and followed whatever crazy thing they asked us to do, and of course they knew exactly what they were doing.”

On their gay friendly vendors

“Chrisman Studios has been so incredibly supportive of Lani and I from the beginning. They were so comfortable with us and all of our family and friends, and Erin wrote an extremely moving a sweet blog about us for their website. They have photographed many other same sex weddings, in the same moving and beautiful way as all of their straight couples.  Playa Fiesta Hotel and beachclub was also very friendly.  We weren’t the first gay couple to be married there, and all of their staff was so friendly and supportive and kind to all of our guests.
Lindsay & Adam Burgess are the ownders of Playa Fiesta and have really figured out the best way to host a wedding weekend. Lindsay handled all of the details and was our wedding coordinator, Adam handled the financials, menus, and logistics with our special requests such as hanging a million candles. Lindsay responded personally to every email, communicated about guest bookings, contacted all of the outside vendors, and was the day of coordinator for our ceremony and reception.  The venue does almost everything in house. She has researched and found the best/most affordable options for hair/makeup, cakes, linens, DJ, and entertainment.  We booked our four night weekend as a package and included for each guest was their accommodations, daily breakfast, nightly dinners and open bar from 8am-10pm.  Yes. Open bar. Daily.”

OK, maybe I do have one word….. EPIC!

Photographer: Chrisman Studios | Attire: Ulla-Maija (Jen) + Nice Collective (Lani) | Cake + Catering + Styling + Venue: Playa Fiesta Hotel & Beachclub | Sailing trip: Allycat Sailing | Flowers: Maripepa Flowers | Hair + Make-up: Brides + Playa Fiesta | Officiant: Angela Bush (bride’s friend) | Transport: Unique Rentals, Puerto Vallarta

Lara Luz
Lara Luz
Lara is a bit of dark horse. She is a wedding photographer, a video editor, a motorcycle riding, hot chocolate connoisseur who was once a ballerina. WOAH?! Yeah, you heard me. And @ F yeah, no one really knows what she does. Maybe she looks after all the social media, marketing and being that final swing vote on large F* Yeah decisions. Maybe she’s the king of the music playlists and maybe she’s the one that always manages to look busy even when she’s really actually doing nothing. Maybe.

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on January 14, 2015

I have to agree, this whole event just takes your breath away, what a wonderful experience for all and such a time of celebration. AMAZING!

    on January 20, 2015

    I know if I had the money to have a 4-day wedding, I would in a heartbeat! Especially at the beach like this. Thanks for your comment Sally (as always) xx

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