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Jenna + Malka’s Fun Redwood Engagement Shoot | USA

Engagements / July 29, 2015

Like many couples Jenna (brunette) + Malka (fair-haired) had never had a portrait session before so they decided to ‘what-the-hey’ in celebration of their engagement. Choosing their photographer, Cristal Veronica, was clearly for the win! “Cristal, our photographer, made us feel very comfortable. So comfortable in fact that Malka was giggly and goofy the entire time.” Jenna explains.

“We really loved having these engagement photos for two reasons – The first being as practice before our actual wedding. We were able to see the poses and experience what we liked and what we want to recreate for the wedding day. The second reason is that we now have professional and beautiful photos of our togetherness during this special time of engagement. It was also fabulous to spend time with Cristal!”

The girls go on to say about their location, Redwood, in downtown Oakland California: “We actually chose the spot (in the Oakland Redwoods at Joaquin Miller Park). We love to spend time in the Redwoods with our dog and we knew that is would be secluded and beautiful in the morning.”

About Jenna + Malka

“Malka, a hospital chaplain and Jewish educator, and Jenna, currently working on her PhD in Hebrew Bible, met “through a mutual friend in San Francisco four/five years ago. We definitely connected over our religious upbringing and our current spiritual practices.”

Mazel tov to Jenna + Malka. Such a warm and romantic shoot and beautifully captured by the talented Cristal Veronica, take a bow little lady.

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