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Jenny + Tracey’s floral DIY wedding | Australia

Real Weddings / November 26, 2014

Jenny + Tracey’s floral DIY wedding was everything they dreamed of – personal and not a cookie-cutter copy. With Jenny being a celebrant and Tracey having been a celebrant in the past, they’d both seen heaps of weddings, which came in handy for inspiration! They didn’t set out to have a theme, but it ended up being flowers.

“We both love relaxed and unpretentious get-togethers, and wanted to create a day that everyone could feel comfortable at and have a great time. Our amazing florist Petra created an incredible colourful (but not gaudy) vibe that really represented both of our individual personalities beautifully.”

Note: all below images are by Clementine Film co.

The decorations

Starting off by sending out natural wooden invitations with a vintage floral motif and a mix CD of some of their songs, the girls set the mood from the very beginning. Other decorations on the day included thank you tea towels and a chalkboard sign, both with lovely quotes, signs for the cake table (there were six cakes!), puffy tissue paper pompoms, and 40 individual framed photos of the girls spread around the venue for people to take home if they wanted. Massive white balloons hung from the ceiling at the reception, with other decorations of handmade candles in autumnal colours, candles in jars and a gorgeous circle of colourful flowers on the ground, lit by candles placed by family and friends.

The outfits

The girls wore handmade vintage-style dresses they each designed, offset with modern jewellery. Tracey wore daisies in her hair, and Jenny had her hair style in a vintage 40s way with finger curls, and wore a birdcage netted veil with two big, vibrant flowers pinned in her hair, chosen by our florist.

The ceremony

Jenny recalls “The vineyards were in the background under a perfect sunny autumn blue sky and Tracey and I both walked toward the tree from different directions. I walked with my dad, and Tracey walked in with her entire family, and then her two younger brothers for the last 30 metres or so. As we walked down the aisle, two of Jenny’s best people sang and played ukelele and guitar. Under the pine tree was a colourful circle of flowers, and immediate family and friends had been invited to place candles in the spaces in the circle. Tracey, Coco and Jenny kicked off our shoes, stepped into the circle and we had the ceremony in there. We didn’t really overt it to anyone, but we had included the four elements of earth (marrying in bare feet), air (we had some incense burning), fire (the candles) and water (we had a bowl of water placed just outside of the circle). At the very beginning, [our celebrant] Coco acknowledged the traditional owners of the land, and asked each person to take a turn holding our wedding rings and infusing them with love and hope for a happy future together. By the time we were ready to exchange rings, the beautiful recycled wood box supplied by Megan Webb had come back to the circle, having been held by everybody.”

Tips for other couples

“People put a lot of work and energy in to their contributions to your wedding – so if your friend is performing a big role such as being the celebrant or styling the event, make sure they are compensated for their work. This was very important to us. Our celebrant is a good friend but we both know how much work she put in, and even though she refused payment we paid her anyway. Sneak it in their bag if you have to! If they really won’t take your money, treat them to a fancy dinner or a night in a hotel or gold class movie tickets or something else thoughtful they would love but wouldn’t necessarily treat themselves to.

Don’t be afraid to have the day exactly as you envisage it.  It’s the one time in your life where you have a team of talented and skilled people around you who can create everything and more.  When will we ever have a florist, photographer, band, hosts, frock maker, jeweller, caterer in our lives again working with us. Enjoy it and let them weave their magic. The other thing is that there will always be dramas of some kind. Family or friends, sometimes both. If you’re expecting it as a given it won’t be as much of a big deal. Weddings just seem to bring out the soap opera in people.”

Videographer: Clementine Film co. | Attire: Custom made dresses + Spoonflower + We Love Colors | Cakes + sweets: Mister Nice Guy + Aviv Cakes and Bagels Elsternwick + Sticky Fingers Bakery | Catering: Mrs Nicks | Entertainment: The Stetson Family | Favours: Invitation Tea Towels (designed by Kirrily Anderson) | Flowers: Pomp and Splendour | Hair + make-up: Green Butterfly + Chick Flicks Event Hair + Green Rabbit | Jewellery + rings: MW Jeweller + Dinosaur Designs + Egetal | Officiant: Coco Sheils | Photobooth: Melbourne Photoboooth Hire | Photographer (not images above): Tajette O’Halloran | Shoes: Funkis + Melissa Australia | Stationery: I And The Others | Styling / decorations: eBay + Pomp and Splendour + A Little Light Candles | Venue: Mrs Nicks

Kristen Ashton
Kristen Ashton
Kristen is one of those silent but deadly types. With one foot firmly standing in the concert photography industry, the other in the wedding photography industry another in the digital design industry and another in the wedding blog industry. Yes. She has four feet. She’s one of those annoyingly talented people that is good at everything. We secretly hate her. @ F* yeah, Kristen is the design guy looking after the website’s ins and outs along with co-making big F* yeah decisions.

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on November 27, 2014

What a beautiful and honest couple. Such a lovely read of their own accounts of the day and their feelings and emotions.
Such a special day to be shared with family and friends and thank you for sharing your love with us x

    on November 28, 2014

    Hi Sally, thanks again for your support. Love seeing your comments, it means a lot to us :)

on November 26, 2014

Such a gorgeous couple! Was amazing to be part of Jenny and Tracey’s special day.

on November 26, 2014

Great article! Thanks for sharing x

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