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Leathering it up | Wedding Fashion

Culture / Fashion / July 21, 2014
– Fashioning with Bird Man –

It’s no coincidence that the release of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca in 1999 coincided with my first ever pair of leather pants.

I assure you though, that although that man is like a fine wine, the second wave of Latin fever that is Ricky Martin in the year 2014 has no correlation to the fact that somehow I have found my wardrobe filled with leather again.

Leather has somehow always stayed on trend in some way or for some reason.

In the early 1900’s, leather ‘flight jackets’ were worn by Aviators and members of the military. They were designed to protect the pilots from exposure to extreme climate conditions. Now I am not condoning ‘practical’ clothing, but it just so happened that these uniforms were totally hot too and from this, the bomber jacket was born.

Fast forward a 100 years and keep going past the bikers, punks and goths and you find yourself in a new place. Leather today does not have to mean ripping the back off of your nearest farmyard animal, nor does it imply you are in some kind of rebel gang.

Leather is taking form in a sophisticated way from the runways to the high street and can be worn by anyone on any budget.

Man made leather-look textiles have also improved significantly over the years. If you choose to not wear animal skin, you can save your furry friends and still look expensive (and get away with it for a fraction if the cost!).

Zara is my favourite leather destination at the moment. Their slick fits and clever features paired with the easy price point makes it too achievable to rock the leather look.

A flash of leather can really add that point of difference to a basic black suit, especially when planning for a wedding. This Zara jacket with leather lapel insert adds the perfect slice of edge to a traditional look.

Personally, I like to go that one step further and team up leather, with a bit more leather. These leather pants from Zara matched back with the above jacket raise the bar just a tad and complete the look with confidence.

If we are talking weddings here, which we are, we might as well make a real statement and this Zara tux has got to be my favourite occasional suit in my wardrobe. Trimmed with smooth round metal studs, this suit is perfectly finished with these stunning slim-leg trouser topped off with matching features.

You can see why I just had to have this one!

If you are loving the leather thang, but don’t want to be so balls-out, a nod to the trend in the way of a bow tie or neck tie can be just enough to say “I know what I am doing” without announcing it to the world.

Bird Man
Always the bride's maid but never the bride. Bird Man is that guy that's been around the traps…the fashion traps that is. With 15 years of experience all over the fashion industry, Bird Man's your style guru. With a passion for tailoring and dapper style, he basically came out of the womb with a blazer on. Bird Man will be sure to get your stitches in order regardless of your style. @ F*yeah, Bird Man keeps us on our toes with handy attire know-how and contributing to the blog on ALL things fashion fashion fashion.

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on July 26, 2014

You never cease to amaze, I love your forts story and I cannot wait for future reads !

    on August 3, 2014

    Us either! He’s amazeballs :D

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