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Stacey + Lauren’s Nautical Wedding | Canada

Real Weddings / July 21, 2014

So what does one do when you can’t get legally married in the country one lives in?

Do what Lauren and Stacey did. Hop on a plane to Vancouver Canada and get married there instead!

These two gorgeous ladies hail from Melbourne, Australia and wanting an intimate wedding in a city they love, and where some of their family and friends live, Vancouver just seemed like the best city to provide the backdrop they were after. They opted for a 1950’s vintage feel with their hair, make up and dresses (including the super cute green shoes to match Lauren’s green petticoat).

We knew we had to keep things simple because organizing everything from the other side of the world was challenging. Looking at images on the Internet, a ridiculous amount of emailing back and forth, occasionally talking on the phone and Skyping still doesn’t change the fact that you don’t really know what you’re going to get…or if you’re going to like it!

Saying this, we still wanted the day to reflect us.

Stacey and Lauren had their ceremony on a boat (how cool is that?) because they want their guests to have views of the city.

They decided on The Sandbar for their wedding reception because of its great food and atmosphere along with their love for Granville Island that their photographer Nordica was able to capture beautifully in their portrait session.

We wanted to continue the theme of our wedding being very personal (and very us) by decorating the reception room with simple decorations which we made ourselves back home. This is where our love for photography and Polaroids comes in. We wanted to represent everyone who had been invited (but couldn’t make it) as well as everyone that we wished could have been there. So we gathered photos of everyone and printed them to look like Polaroids which we then hung on string using bull clips (like a darkroom) An extra print was made of each ‘Polaroid’ and placed in a box. We asked everyone to find their pic and then leave us a message. We wanted our decorations to be interactive in that sense. During the reception we took 2 Polaroids (Polaroid 300) with everyone, one for us and one for each guest to have as a little keepsake of the day.

It should also be noted that we didn’t do this all by ourselves. So many friends and family helped with the process during different stages including on the day itself and we’re so thankful for all the support and encouragement we’ve had from everyone.

Photography: Nordica | Dresses: Kathryn Ellard | Hair & Make up: Mika Makeup | Officiant: Roxanne Thornton – Marry Us | Ceremony Venue: Boat Charters | Reception Venue: The Sandbar

Lara Luz
Lara Luz
Lara is a bit of dark horse. She is a wedding photographer, a video editor, a motorcycle riding, hot chocolate connoisseur who was once a ballerina. WOAH?! Yeah, you heard me. And @ F yeah, no one really knows what she does. Maybe she looks after all the social media, marketing and being that final swing vote on large F* Yeah decisions. Maybe she’s the king of the music playlists and maybe she’s the one that always manages to look busy even when she’s really actually doing nothing. Maybe.

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