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Meredith + Shoshana Intimate countryside wedding | England

Real Weddings / December 31, 2014

Meredith + Shoshana had a beautiful, intimate countryside wedding at Notley Abbey. The grounds are full of character and allowed them to have the outdoor ceremony the girls were after. Minty Slippers were kind enough to to submit the girls’ wedding video highlight for us to feature and stills from the video too.

Meredith: “I figured that my family, friends, and Shoshana expected me to wear a really smart pantsuit. I wanted to make the day really memorable so I decided to femme it up. I knew the exact look I was going for. I’m probably one of the few brides who was lucky enough to find the perfect dress on her first try.”

Shoshana: “I had a lot of fun choosing my dress – the whole process felt like a dream! The dress I chose was simple but fit so well and made me feel fantastic, Stephanie Allin is very talented. I had the design altered ever so slightly by adding lace to the straps and I made my own sash bow by sewing on lace to tulle. These extra touches helped make it feel even more “me”. It was also pretty fun doing this without Meredith knowing and looking forward to the day she would see it.”

The girls decided to have an unplugged ceremony. For those that haven’t heard of this term before, let me explain. An unplugged wedding is where the couple request that guests put down their cameras and portable recording/photo taking devices and just relax and enjoy the ceremony, allowing everyone to truly be present. It also means that everyone will have great images and video of guests without phones up to their faces or walking around to try to get that great shot from their iPad. It’s a great idea and something has caught on with many couples.

Tips from the couple:

“Have fun with the planning, enjoy the build up, surround yourself with loved ones and don’t forget to pamper yourself.”

Here’s what Meredith had to say about their videographers Minty Slippers:

“You can take one look at the husband and wife duo’s work and know exactly why we chose Minty Slippers to capture our wedding. Minty Slippers is magnificent and their work truly speaks for itself. Julie and Danny are more than just videographers- they’re storytellers and masterful ones at that.

Of course, the other reason we chose them was because of the kind of people they are. Warm and friendly, but so professional and incredibly understanding, we totally forgot they were there on the day – they were that good!”

Videographer: Minty Slippers | Attire: J. Crew (Meredith) + Stephanie Allin Couture (Shoshana) + Elyse Ryan (Bridesmaids) | Cake: Le Papillon Patisserie | Flowers: Thoughtful Flowers | Stationery: Shoshy Cadoodle | Styling / Décor: Stressfree Hire | Venue: Notley Abbey

Lara Luz
Lara Luz
Lara is a bit of dark horse. She is a wedding photographer, a video editor, a motorcycle riding, hot chocolate connoisseur who was once a ballerina. WOAH?! Yeah, you heard me. And @ F yeah, no one really knows what she does. Maybe she looks after all the social media, marketing and being that final swing vote on large F* Yeah decisions. Maybe she’s the king of the music playlists and maybe she’s the one that always manages to look busy even when she’s really actually doing nothing. Maybe.

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on December 31, 2014

I’ve been following your on Instagram and enjoyed the wedding love stories, so love listening and watching Meradith & Shoshana wedding nuptials.
Blessings to both of you

    on January 3, 2015

    Hello Ruthie! Thank you for the Insta-love :) We’re very grateful for your support and we’re happy to know that you are enjoying F* Yeah.
    Thank you so much for your comments, they mean a lot to us.
    We hope that you have an amazing 2015 xx

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