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Nicola + Vanessa’s wanderlustful photoshoot | Canada

Portraits / January 19, 2016

– noun.
A strong desire to wonder or travel. 

All images by: Isos Photography

Nicola (fair hair) and Vanessa (dark hair) are a couple who like to wonder about the place, getting lost and tasting it along the way… not literally. “We’re currently fascinated by breakfast Benedict waffles and Indian dosas!”

Fun fact: Vanessa’s tattoo, on her inner forearm, means ‘beautiful heart’ “which is her Chinese name that her grandfather gave her.”

More about Nicola + Vanessa (by Isos Photography)

“We’ve known Nicola for a few years, but have only recently met Vanessa. When we heard they would be up for a shoot, we checked the weather and headed down to the lake to meet the two of them. They’ve been together a little while now, and they are absolutely silly when together – which we love!”

Here’s another fun fact: their first face-to-face meeting was at a doughnut shop named ‘The Glory Hole’. Haha.

On their location

The shoot took place at Toronto’s East end, at a lovely spot on and around Cherry beach. The girls said that the locations fit them well. “We like beaches and prancing around in long grass. Also, I liked pushing Nicola off a log.”

How did the girls find their photographers?

“They worked with us, suggested locations that fit us, and let us be ourselves. The two of them
work really great together, such sweets! Also it was pretty cool doing a queer shoot with queer

Nicola and Vanessa are no doubt the maple syrup to each other’s waffles. Now give it up for these two adorable and jovial pair.

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