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Nikki + Suzy’s intimate destination wedding | USA

Real Weddings / February 25, 2015

After beginning to plan a big traditional wedding, Nikki and Suzy realised that actually, when it came down to it, it really wasn’t what they wanted after all. What they did end up with however was a lovely intimate destination wedding with a sunset ceremony at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Being unable to marry in their home state, they felt LA would be the perfect place to tie the knot. And we agree!

On their ceremony:

“Our ceremony took place at sunset at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. We walked around the observatory a few times before deciding on a little, private inlet that overlooked the city. Although we only had three official guests, all of the visitors to the observatory gathered around to watch. After reading the vows that we wrote and exchanging our rings, we were finally pronounced as married. When we leaned in for our first kiss as a married couple, everyone started clapping and screaming. It was amazing! We felt so much love from people we didn’t even know.”

On their attire:

“I had a very difficult time finding the right dress. I knew I didn’t want a big, formal dress but I just couldn’t find anything that met the image I had in my head. After returning several dresses, I had almost given up. Then, I found that one dress I had looked at earlier was back in stock. I immediately ordered it. When we got back in town from a short trip, the dress was there waiting for us. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was the right one. I finally felt like a bride. I also knew I wanted a veil and was set on a bird cage. Since my dress had a gold hue, I decided on a gold veil. Since our family was not going to be at the wedding, I knew I wanted to have items with me that represented them. That is why I chose to wear my grandmother’s locket and carry my cousin’s bouquet.

Suzy had a hard time deciding what she wanted to wear. She had always thought she would wear a wedding dress but once it came time, she realized that it didn’t feel right since she very, very rarely wore dresses in her everyday life. It was important for her to feel like herself on our big day and to be able to look back at our pictures and not feel like she was in costume. So, she decided to wear black, skinny cropped pants with a fitted white button-down with black piping, and a bow tie and oxfords. She also had a bit of her family with her in her boutonniere, which contained a lapel pin of her grandmothers.”

Wedding planning tips:

“Don’t get too overwhelmed with what you think you should do. In the end, you will know what is right for you and your partner and that is what is important. It is your day. Don’t let other people pressure you with what they think your big day should be. Also, video record the ceremony. We are so happy that we can go back and watch our wedding, even if it was just recorded on an iPad.”


Photographer: Erin Stone Photography | Attire – Nikki: Dress – Chi Chi London @ Modcloth, Shoes – Juicy Couture |  Attire – Suzy: Shirt and pants – Banana Republic, Bow tie – American Apparel, Shoes – Ollio | Bouquet + Flowers: DIY | Hair + Make-up: Nikki + Suzy | Officiant: LA Wedding Woman | Rings: Blazer Arts | Venue: (Ceremony) Griffith Observatory + (Dinner) Portofino Hotel & Marina

Lara Luz
Lara Luz
Lara is a bit of dark horse. She is a wedding photographer, a video editor, a motorcycle riding, hot chocolate connoisseur who was once a ballerina. WOAH?! Yeah, you heard me. And @ F yeah, no one really knows what she does. Maybe she looks after all the social media, marketing and being that final swing vote on large F* Yeah decisions. Maybe she’s the king of the music playlists and maybe she’s the one that always manages to look busy even when she’s really actually doing nothing. Maybe.

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on March 4, 2016

I love everything about this wedding! So unique and has so much character. Also, what a cool bouquet.

on February 26, 2015

So beautiful!!

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