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Adrienne + Ash’s outback Rockabilly portrait session | Australia

Portraits / May 19, 2016

“I love these two wonderful humans
– each day they enter the world and they put their heads on the pillow at night having made it a better place.”

All images by: Lakshal Perera

Lakshal Perera, AKA ‘Lucky’, is one of those ridiculously talented photographers that could shoot poo and the shot would look STUNNING! Today I bring you an beautiful shoot of two gorgeous humans, Adrienne and Ash. Lucky had the pleasure of capturing his two friends amongst the backdrop of an arid and vast bush landscape in Kyneton, Victoria.

I asked Lucky to tell me on how he met these two lovebirds…

“The first time I met Adrienne, the 4 of us (Adrienne, Ash, myself and my partner Kristen) somehow ended up at a sports bar in Carlton watching the Wallabies play. None of us are particularly interested in rugby so I’m not sure how exactly it happened but it meant that it gave us plenty of time to chat. And in just that short amount of time, Kristen and I both really liked Adrienne and knew that she was perfect for Ash. Sadly, Adrienne was returning home to the US in the next few weeks so we had our fingers crossed that they would be ok in the meantime and she would be able to return soon – thankfully she did and the rest is history!”

Here’s what Adrienne had to say on their relationship…

Adrienne “the vivacious redhead in the sweet pink dress with legs for days” and Ash “the charismatic and charming babe in the leopard trim jacket” met in early 2013 on OkCupid. Both living countries apart and recently single, one on a casual dating spree and the other vowing never to date again, had a chance encounter. Adrienne goes on: “the luckiest of lucky and unexpected things happened – a flaw in OkCupid’s system that let us see matches on the other side of the world (seriously, our settings were set to nearby/local)”

“We knew before we even met in person that we had found the person we were meant to spend our life with.” So after a month of multiple hours of daily Skype chats Adrienne headed to Australia from the US to meet Ash.

During these blissful few weeks Ash introduced Adrienne to their friends and family. “We made our debut as a couple at one of the Melbourne International Film Festival openings followed by drinks with friends. We spent time in Barwon Heads visiting Ash’s parents and celebrating Ash’s birthday. I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne during Easter and was welcomed by Ash’s extended family during Easter lunch.”

Adrienne travelled back and forth between Australia and the States to complete her Masters for most of 2013 before she finally settled with Ash in Australia in January 2014, which also included a proposal… “During our trip to the mountains, I proposed to Ash and they accepted. We decided to announce this engagement to our friends and family on our one-year anniversary. Because if we announced it straight away we knew everyone would think we were mad. We then spent time in my hometown where Ash and my family were able to meet each other. This was a beautiful time and I was so pleased that Ash and my mother were able to meet in person and that my mom could see us together and fully grasp just how beautiful our love is. This was key in helping her understand and be supportive in my move to Australia.”

And then, they sealed the deal and were married in July last year in Indiana, USA (“as marriage equality is not yet recognized in Australia”).

“I couldn’t believe that I had met someone as amazing as Ash who also had a loving and welcoming family. This trip cemented the relationship and love and at this point I left all of my belongings that I has travelled with to start setting up my home in Australia.”

On their shoot’s photographer

“We love any chance we get to spend time with Lucky and this was no exception. For ages we have looked at his work in awe and felt honoured to be the subject. The day, weather, energy, sun and adventures with Lucky – it was just magical. I was over the moon seeing the volcanic rock remnants, vast land that goes for as far you can see, ghost gums, and field of cockatoos and kangaroos (which are still very exciting to me). For Ash, the incredible Sri Lankan feast prepared by Lucky and his partner after we took photos was tops. More so than all of those beautiful parts of the day, we cherished most the chance to celebrate and capture our love.” YUM!!!

On their fashion choices for the shoot

“Ash picked out something nice from their wardrobe the night before and I was impressed they chose the leopard jacket I had bought them for Christmas. I asked Ash to grab a few dresses from my closet as I had stayed at a friend’s the night before. When we arrived in Kyneton I tried on a few different dresses to see which one I was feeling the most and got the most applause from Ash and Lucky, and the pink one won out.”

On their shoot’s location

“Lucky knew just where to take us and each spot was breathtaking. We wanted to shoot in Kyneton because it has a similar country Aussie feel to where Ash grew up. This was something we wanted to incorporate into the shoot since we knew our wedding would be set in an American backdrop with a strikingly different aesthetic.”

Adrienne and Ash, a love like your’s is rare and I know that you will treasure it for many, many years to come.

“I love these two wonderful humans – each day they enter the world and they put their heads on the pillow at night having made it a better place.” – Lucky.

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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on May 20, 2016

Such a sweet shoot. They look so happy!

on May 19, 2016

What beautiful photos that celebrate the love and happiness of two beautiful people. Many happy years of love and laughter.

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