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Giannelle + Jewellee’s Philadelphia mural engagement photoshoot | USA

Engagements / May 4, 2016

“We are our best versions of ourselves together.”

Giannelle and Jewellee. Two humans in tremendous, colourful and fuzzy love. Today their love was captured amongst some colossal backdrops. Queue an awesome West Phili murals arts project called ‘Love Letter’, TA-DA!!!! Giannelle and Jewellee couldn’t have chosen a more fitting backdrop for the engagement shoot. Their photographer, Tara Beth (a familiar face around F* Yeah), agreed… big time!

All images by: Tara Beth Photography

Now back to the two lovebirds…

Giannelle (in the shirt and pants) and Jewellee (in the hat and dress) have been together for over 3 years and met at a queer women’s party in Philadelphia called ‘Stimulus’. The girls describe themselves as being opposites. “We truly are Yin and Yang in its entirety. Jewellee is a flight attendant so she is gone most of the month, but because we are both able to maintain our individuality there is no jealousy or wondering what the other is doing.”

“We enjoy life together and couldn’t imagine spending it with anybody else. We have been able to do things and see place we never thought we would. We are our best versions of ourselves together.”

On their wedding plans

For their upcoming nuptials the girls decided on a Vegas wedding! “Life is a party to us so we wanted our wedding to be the party to beat! A bunch of our closest friends and family, it will be a weekend to remember.”

On their location

“The shoot was done at the ‘Love Letter Murals’ in Philadelphia. They were created by the Philadelphia mural arts program under one of the main trains to brighten up the view of a not so scenic train route. Jewellee actually picked out the location, because we are both born and raised in Philadelphia and really wanted to rep our city and show a beautiful part of it that also represented love and happiness.”

On their photographer

“We kept our engagement under the wraps for a while and Tara was one of the first people we told. She is a friend of our’s so we were more than comfortable. After seeing so many weddings that she’s done we knew there was nobody else we could have to capture those moments. She truly has an eye for love and the love we feel for each other shows in every picture.”

Big congratulatory smooches to you both on your engagement AND your upcoming wedding!

All images by: Tara Beth Photography

Guys, give Giannelle and Jewellee some love in the comments below…

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