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Candice + Shauna’s remarkable mountain top wedding | New Zealand

Real Weddings / October 8, 2014

Candice and Shauna were one of the first couples to get married in Queenstown after New Zealand’s marriage equality bill passed, flying over to NZ from Australia for the occasion. The couple and their guests flew via helicopter to a secluded spot at the top of ‘The Remarkables’ mountain range – a name that does the view every bit of justice. Their intimate mountain top wedding ceremony was an small affair attended by only 9 family members and friends.

Organising a destination wedding on top of a mountain was tricky to say the least. Due to unpredictable weather the couple could only receive confirmation that it was going ahead THE MORNING OF – how nerve racking! Nonetheless, a short helicopter ride to the top of the crisp snowy mountain and several fits of giggles later, Candice and Shauna (legally) tied the knot!

A little about them…

Candice and Shauna met in the beer garden of a Brisbane bar about 9 years ago and not 2 years later, they decided to get together. Almost a year ago (and 6 days after same-sex legalised in New Zealand), they wed and shouted it from a mountain top.. literally!

Candice and Shauna’s proposal was mushy and cute. Candice describes it:
“I had spent a couple of hours in the evening playing video games while Shauna made us a delicious meal – accompanied by a fortune cookie each. Me being the greedy treat lover, skipped straight to the fortune cookie. My fortune read “Will you marry me?” in Shauna’s cute handwriting. I looked next to me to find her pulling out a ring and looking very nervous! I was in a bit of shock, and managed to (romantically) have a mouthful of fortune cookie. Eventually I managed to be able to answer her without spraying cookie!”

The girls live in Queensland, Australia, where their marriage is not legally recognised. They are currently planning for the new edition to their family.. a baby.

Photography: Central Lakes Photography | Suit: Rhodes & Beckett, Brisbane | Florist: In the Pink Florist, Queenstown | Officiant: Phillipa Cook | Transport: Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopter | Location: The Remarkables Mountain Range, New Zealand

Kristen Ashton
Kristen Ashton
Kristen is one of those silent but deadly types. With one foot firmly standing in the concert photography industry, the other in the wedding photography industry another in the digital design industry and another in the wedding blog industry. Yes. She has four feet. She’s one of those annoyingly talented people that is good at everything. We secretly hate her. @ F* yeah, Kristen is the design guy looking after the website’s ins and outs along with co-making big F* yeah decisions.

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How amazing

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