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Shannon + Seema’s Elegant Indian Wedding | USA

Real Weddings / December 17, 2014

We have been watching Steph Grant‘s work for quite some time. So before we launched F* Yeah this year, we hit her up to feature some of her ridiculously awesome work on our website.

One of the first weddings that stuck out for us was Shannon + Seema’s gorgeous, classy and elegant Indian wedding. Their unique wedding had all the feels, the love and all of the awesomenessness (I know, this is not a real word)!

About Shannon + Seema:

“We are your typical couple. We love each other and we love life.”

“We realize that we are very fortunate to be living in the United States and particularly California where it is legal for us to marry the person we love no mater the gender. Love happens to all of us and hopefully we have the courage and support to love back when we find it.”

Here’s what Steph had to say about the day:

“I have been anticipating this wedding for years now! Shannon and Seema are special to me and I am honoured that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. I flew into Los Angeles a few hours before the wedding festivities began. I was greeted by a house full of friends, family and a lot of laughter. It was going to be an exciting day. Beautiful Indian culture, stunning brides and style for miles! Couldn’t ask for more. I have photographed Indian weddings before and I have photographed gay and lesbian weddings before, but never have I ever shot an Indian lesbian wedding. WOW. My heart! There was so much love that consumed the SmogShoppe that evening. Friends and family came pouring in with smiles, hugs and tears… these two are clearly loved and in love. I am writing this a month after the wedding and I am proud to say that so much progress has been made in our country with the Supreme Court striking down DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 in California! Love wins. ALWAYS. Congrats Shannon & Seema. Love you guys!”

Credits please…

Photographer: Steph Grant Photography | 2nd Photographer: Margie Woods Brown | Catering + Wedding Planning: JLV Events + West Coast Event Productions | Hair + Make-up: Oscar Naranjo | Venue: SmogShoppe

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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on March 4, 2016

Such an elegant and stunning wedding!

on January 3, 2015

Just beautiful. What an amazing share. Thank you xx

    on January 4, 2015

    It was our top most popular post and you can clearly see why. Thanks gorgeous xx

on December 17, 2014


on December 17, 2014

soooo beautifulllllllll (T_T)

on December 17, 2014

It’s definitely a winner Tani ‘Thunderballs’ Teschendorf

on December 17, 2014

Crap. All your posts make me cry. I haven’t even opened this on up and I’m blubbing!

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