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Claudia + Rita’s snazzy Jazzy vineyard wedding | Austria

Real Weddings / August 24, 2016

Snazzy Jazzy vineyard wedding, Zimmermann’s Wirtshaus – Klosterneuburg

Wedding Colour Palette

Wedding Planning Details
Wedding date: 25th July, 2015
Budget: Standard
Number of guests: 90 people
Planning time: 1 year & 5 months
Venue Type: Restaurant and winery
Food menu: Buffet style

Photographers: belle & sass
Attire + Footwear: (Claudia) Yves Saint Laurent + Gino Venturini + (Rita) Kaviar Gauche + Tabitha Simmons
Cake: Chocolaterie Fruth
Florist: Blumen Kolb
Hair + Make-up: Wolfgang Lindenhofer + Propaganda Haare
Music – Band: Fats Jazz Band
Photobooth: Fotoautomat
Rings: 24K Yonatan Ashur Tel Aviv
Stationery: Stephanie Lackner
Styling: DIY
Typewriter Poetry: Wortfachgeschäft
Venue + Food + Flowers: Zimmermann’s Wirtshaus

The Story

Claudia and Rita are infectious and a had beautiful wedding for their family and friends was on the cards: “an afternoon amongst the grapevines in the grass, a colorful bridal bouquet and bare wooden tables with field flowers.” Claudia and Rita are renowned for throwing an awesome party, so in true form they had a couple of surprised for their guests, and on themselves too. But more on that later on…

The Couple

Claudia, a film producer, and Rita, a yoga instructor, met in early 2014. On then on their 1st year anniversary together the question was popped and so the wedding planning began for a Summer wedding… the following Summer that is!

The Outfits

“Finding the right outfits was exciting because only the best was good enough. It had to be a couture dress from a Berlin based design duo ‘Kaviar Gauche’ for me and a tux by Yves Saint Laurent with a custom tailored shirt for my love – a classic combination of black and white. Our dress code was after all stylish!”

Claudia (left) + Rita (above)
The Plans

The girls had 17 months to plan their wedding planning.
The easiest thing to organise? “We stumbled upon our rings about a year before our wedding during a trip to Tel Aviv. We got lost on our way to a restaurant and found the jewelry store ’24K’ instead.”

And the hardest thing? Finding a “good photographer mastering a combination of style and documentary as we had imagined it”

The Wedding Day

Rita: “Our love for one another is pure, our families and friends are enormously important to us, and we enjoy all things raw and unpretentious. Hence we decided to get married in the Summer at a friend’s vineyard. We enjoy all things raw and unpretentious. At the same time however we love fashion, beautiful things and champagne. These contrasts were to make our wedding special: raw, pure, full of life and joy, and with a good portion of style and sparkle.”

Their photographers had this to say about their ceremony: “…they created a unique blend of tradition (as much as they could given that Austria has only legalised domestic partnerships a few years back) and their own twist by going an alternative route with a speaker of their choice rather than the limitations set by civil servants from the state.”

Aaaaaaannnnddddd married!

“…we surprised our guests with a live band that we had discovered during a Valentine’s concert. ‘The Fats Jazz Band’ entertained us the whole afternoon with happy swing music wearing original costumes and playing on original instruments from the 1920’s. However the biggest surprise of the day was that my newly wed wife [Claudia] stepped up to the microphone right after we said ‘I do’, to perform ‘You’re just too good to be true’ for me in front of our 90 guests!”

Just quickly… how good is this group shot! Lol!!!

Ok, seriously now…

On their Photographers

“When we met up with Isa and Natascha for a first consultation, we knew within minutes we had found the right people to be a part of our wedding. Not only do we love their style of photography, but they seemed as if they had been our friends forever and seamlessly fit into our crowds. Feeling so comfortable with your photographer makes it so easy to be in front of the camera!” Boom!!!!

Tips for the Readers

“Let someone else handle the organization! This is your day. Enjoy it, go with it, be light-hearted and simply happy!”

BIG congrats Claudia and Rita on your wedding, happy (belated) 1st wedding anniversary and many, many well wishes for on your deliciously lovely future together xxxooo.

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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