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Jürgen + Rudi’s sophistication in blue gay wedding | Germany

Real Weddings / March 1, 2017

Sophistication in blue gay wedding – Bad Birnbach, Germany

Wedding Colour Palette

Wedding Planning Details
Wedding date: Saturday 6th Aug. 2016
Budget: Standard
Number of guests: 54 people
Planning time: 14 months
Venue Type: Hotel-style cottages
Food menu: Buffet

Catering + Location: Hofgut Hafnerleiten
Flowers: DIY
Music: DJ Anusch
Rings: Goldnase Schmuck
Stationery: Nicole Schiessl
Styling + Props Hire: DIY

Blue, it’s the most human colour, as Regina Spektor puts it. It is elegant and serene, and associated with trust, confidence and wisdom. Naturally, Jürgen + Rudi chose to have a blue themed wedding for obvious reasons. While their palette had cool hues their 3-day wedding was filled with warm laughter and love. Set amongst a backdrop of an award winning architectural magnificence, the Hofgut Hafnerleiten hotel, this wedding has sophistication and dapper written all over it.

The Story

Their 3-day affair consisted of a dinner get-together with their closets friends and family on Friday night, the big day on Saturday and finally a lazy Sunday breakfast the morning after. No room for hangovers if the party keeps on keepin’ on huh?! But first let’s meet our happy couple, Jürgen + Rudi…

The Couple

It was a chance meeting in a packed café that brought these two lovers together. Rudi explains:
“Jürgen was alone. I sat down next to him because there was no other seats left. We were immediately sympathetic and arranged a date.” Short, sweet and straight to the point!

Rudi (left) + Jürgen (right)

Who proposed to who? They both did of course! Two guys, two proposals and two rings.

The Outfits

Their dapper and sophisticated outfits consisted of 3 wardrobe changes… over one day, the wedding day. “For the main outfits we had the same bow ties and similar shoes. For the wedding day, each of us had three outfits: for the ceremony, for dinner and for dancing. Many guests equaled us and changed their outfit for the evening into something comfortable and casual.”

The Wedding Day

Let’s talk about the wedding day, an almost all day affair in itself.

The afternoon began with their ceremony which included soulful sounds of a 23-member choir.

Jürgen and Rudi said their heartfelt vows to one another underneath what could only be described as monumental surroundings.

Afterwards a small pre-reception service of coffee and cakes, along their 3-tiered Wedding cake cutting and tastings.

This was followed by a casual buffet of mini pizza, salad jars, truffle salami with garlic thyme Schuettelbrot: “a very, flat and crunchy bread.” Finally 4-course dinner menu, which the grooms helped out in the kitchen :)

The Photographers

In case you missed it in the credits, the photographer (Nicole) also designed/made their stationery. Nifty! No wonder the boys described her as “discreet and practically invisible.” Put your hand up who’s getting images of a crafternooning photographer in a ninja blacks? *puts hand up*

Tips for the Readers

The best advice that Jurgen and Rudi have is basically to “not give planning from the hand”… in other words don’t make decisions on the fly. Great tip!!

Jürgen + Rudi did their wedding their way, with smashingly dapper outfits and a matching colour palette to boot. Congratulations you gorgeous men, now go forth and be happily ever after as we know you will be.

Fun facts: I'm a "loud" little Latin gurl. I heart my label maker as much as I do my partner. I also like red things, leg-day and red velvet everything. My daily vocab includes "have you eaten?", "I love you" and "I farted"... not all at once or in that order. If I'm not talking to you about feelings I'd be helping you organise something.

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on July 11, 2017

Gorgeous images! Love your work

on March 3, 2017

What a beautiful wedding! I really love the color scheme and everyone’s dedication to maintain it. Wonderful article with a nice balance of visuals and descriptions to provide context. Thanks!

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