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Got a badass submission?

SubmissionsF* Yeah would love to hear all about it, but first there’s a few guidelines for you to read to make sure that we’re both on the same page and everything runs smoothly.

F* Yeah accepts submissions from photographers. Vendors who are sending in submissions must first gain written permission from the photographer who shot the event before the submissions can be considered. This is super important!! Of course F* Yeah welcomes submissions from non-photographer vendors, as long as there are no copyright issues involved. You may want to consider contacting the photographer and asking them to submit the shoot to F* Yeah on your behalf.

F* Yeah is happy to consider video/film submissions but F* Yeah does still require photographic images to be submitted along side your video or film submission. A great majority of F* Yeah’s readers view the website at work and most often with their speakers on mute. For this reason images are still a requirement with all features. To save you some time can I suggest submitting a joint submission with the accompanying photographer?

F* Yeah does not accept submissions directly from couples. You may want to consider contacting the photographer and asking them to submit the shoot/wedding on your behalf. F* Yeah would need to track them down anyway in order to both gain their permission for the use of the images as well as receiving the files in the correct format. So best to have them contact F* Yeah directly.

Submissions guidelines

1. What F* Yeah is looking for
In short, is your shoot badass AF? Does it look like this Real Wedding, Engagement session, styled shoot or portrait session? If so, as you were… F* Yeah is looking for shoots that:

      • Badass, period!
      • Think outside the box, not even near it!
      • Scream F* YEAH in uniqueness/originality and quirkiness
      • Are non-traditional AF, in style and look, from the couple’s attire to the décor (yes F* Yeah takes everything into consideration)

Side note on wedding styled shoot submissions
Keep in mind that featured styled shoots are more about the vendors’ products and services and a little less about the models/couple. Styled shoot features are to showcase the vendors to F* Yeah’s audience. Therefore submission images must include the below styled items/areas, at minimum:

      • Table or reception table (with at least 2 place settings)
      • Wedding cake
      • Stationery or florals
      • Models or couple and attire

2. Exclusivity
Has your shoot been featured anywhere else (other than your own blog/website)? If it hasn’t don’t forget to let me know in writing within your submission. Now proceed to guideline number 3 and 4…

3. Image specs
If you have blogged the shoot (on your own website), save yourself some time and send me the link! If you haven’t got a blog post to share, send me the images as per specs below:

      • Minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 images
      • 960px wide
      • 72 ppi (low-res)
      • Again be sure to wow F* Yeah with these images as they will be what gets me wanting to see more – F* Yeah value great photography!
      • Heads up – please EXCLUDE group or family posed shots as these generally aren’t included in features, so best not to waste your time

4. Submission email
Finally, please include these in your email:

      • The submission’s email subject line must include either the couple’s names or the name of the styled shoot
      • Confirm in writing that your submission has NOT been featured elsewhere, other than your own blog / website of course
      • No more than a 2-paragraph summary about the shoot / wedding and describe what, in your opinion, makes it an F* Yeah Gay Wedding
      • And include details such as wedding / shoot date, location and (for weddings) the colour palette or theme used by the couple

F* Yeah receives many, MANY submissions per day but I do get back to every single submission request with a “yay” or “nay”, so please keep this in mind if you don’t hear from me straight away :)

5. Deadline
Once your submission has been approved, in writing via email, you’ll be required to send me your images PLUS the couple’s filled in questionnaire within 3 weeks of submission approval – which I will email you in your approval email.

Ready to submit? Shoot me an email with your submission!

Any questions? Hit me up!