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Anna + Sara’s sunset and furbabies engagement shoot | USA

Engagements / September 29, 2016

Same-sex sunset and furbabies engagement shoot, Over The Rhine, Cincinnati

Shoot Details
Shoot date: 30th June, 2016

Sunset, two dogs and two humans, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing. That’s right nothing but a super awesomely cute engagement photoshoot by very talented little human named Cassandra Zetta.

The Couple

Meet Anna and Sara (and their furbabies). These lovers have been together for two and a half years and reside in a little place called Cincinnati. Aren’t they adorable?

Sara (left) + Anna (right)
The Shoot

The chosen location, Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, was the perfect little backdrop for today’s engagement photoshoot. Anna: “We wanted to include our fur babies, Oscar and Mead, in our photos because they are part of our little family. Sara rescued Oscar prior to meeting me (they have a special bond), and we rescued Mead together. Our favorite days are spent going on hikes with them, playing fetch in the backyard, and spoiling them. So for the first part of the session we went to a local park with a lot of hiking trails to take photos with the dogs.”

“We also wanted our photos to reflect the city where we met and fell in love, so we chose Cincinnati in the Over the Rhine (OTR) neighborhood for photos of just the two of us. Being old souls, we love Over the Rhine for its historic buildings like Music Hall and the culture.”

The Proposal

Sara: “I told Anna that I needed to be in Cincinnati the weekend of February 27th for an interview (there was no interview). I had left an envelope under Oscar’s bed and called her after I had left the house and told her Oscar had a surprise for her under his bed. The letter was from Oscar’s point of view (crazy dog lady, I know), but it told Anna to go to our place. Our place happened to be the Echo, a tasty breakfast diner in Hyde Park.”

“When she arrived I had her best friend meet her there with the next clue, which instructed her to head to where we first met. One of my friends was standing outside of ‘Below Zero’ [where they met] on a chilly February day waiting for her. When Anna arrived there was a letter highlighting our past, present and what I hoped would be our future. My friend Morgan then took her to a coffee shop for the next clue, which was embedded within a word search.”

…Did she say yes?

“The clue told her to go to the place she first realized she had fallen in love with me. Although cheesy, this happened to be a restroom on the University of Cincinnati’s Medical School campus where I did her makeup before a talent show. When she went into this restroom there was a sign that said “A. Wiley please report to auditorium.” When she walked into the auditorium I had “Wonderful Tonight” playing and rose petals from the door to center stage where I was standing. I then walked down stage, met her half way, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. To date, Anna has never actually said yes. There were mostly happy tears and laughter. I am assuming the gig’s on?” Baaaahaahahaha but nawwww :)

The Photographer

“Cass was wonderful! We loved her genuine openness and ability to goof around with us, letting us be weird together. We felt like we’ve known her forever, and she made it more like an evening with a friend taking pictures, instead of some stuffy, uptight session. We fell in love with her artistic style and the way she captures couples’ intimacy candidly, which is what we wanted for ourselves.”

Their dogs are cute as hell and their love is stuff of dreams, congratulations Anna and Sara *insert animated high fives here*.


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