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Walking down the aisle – Who says that you have to?

Planning & Styling / Wedding Planning / March 4, 2015
– Weddinging with Ms. Luz-Vegas –

There’s no concrete rule stating that your aisle
HAS TO be down the middle of your ceremony,
nor that you HAVE TO walk down one at all.

Your wedding planning is well underway, but what about the ‘walking down the aisle’ part? What if you don’t have an ‘aisle’, as such, to walk down? What if you plan on eloping so an ‘aisle’ is unnecessary? Or what if you just don’t WANT to have it going down the middle of the ceremony? There’s no concrete rule stating that your aisle HAS TO be down the middle of your ceremony nor that you HAVE TO walk down one at all. So I’ve put together some alternative options to ease your mind.

But first, a brief history about this ‘walking down the aisle’ business…
For years and years the ‘walk down the aisle’ was traditionally a form of presentation and transaction, by a parent (mostly the father of the bride) with the bride’s soon-to-be husband. Traditionally the father held ownership of his daughter and would then need to present and give his daughter away to the groom. And thus the transaction was complete. While this tradition is suited to some, others would prefer a less traditional approach.

If you are that couple, I’ve come up with 4 alternatives that may make things easier for you both (you’re welcome)…

1. The ‘stage left/right/behind’:
Why not walk in from the back or the side (see image 1) of the ceremony locations? Some ceremony locations don’t have a space for an aisle down the middle, so you may need to improvise. This pretty much involves both of your entering the ceremony space from either a back/side door/path etc., and is a less subtle approach – perfect for the shy couple who don’t wish to make a grand entrance. If you have a wedding party, they can already be in place or walk in before or after you.

2. The ‘stay put’:
Another option is for you and your fiancée to already be in position by the time your guests arrive. If you have a wedding party, they can also be in place with you. For the shy couple, this is a great alternative if you don’t want to make your entrance such a big deal. By being in place by the time your guests arrive, you may find that you will run on time.

3. The ‘red carpet’:
This can also be referred to as the meet-and-greet. Some couples opt to stand at the entrance/door of the ceremony location to greet each guest as they come through into the space. This is a very warming and lovely alternative, but be aware that this can be a time consuming. So ensure that you allocate at least one hour prior to the ceremony for this to be completed (especially if you have 70+ guests or if you have talkative guests). You may want to keep a mindful eye on the time, so keep your greetings to a brief welcome and thank you. If you have a wedding party, you may want to have them sit this out, as this will add more time to your schedule.

4. The ‘together forever’:
This involves both of you entering the ceremony together, hand-in-hand, linked arms, how ever (see image 2). Some couples don’t mind seeing each other before the ceremony, so this is a gorgeous alternative (especially if you are both too nervous to enter by yourselves). I have seen many weddings where the couple danced down the ‘aisle’, which are super cute and awesome! This also works if you do not have a wedding party and you are wanting to make an entrance on your own. If you do have a wedding party, they can walk or dance in with or after you.

There are many ways to start off (and conclude) your ceremony. At the end of the day, be sure to make it comfortable and make it about yourselves.

If you’ve decided not to walk down the aisle or have other alternative entrances to your ceremony, we’d love to hear about them below \/

Happy weddinging :)

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on March 4, 2015

I’ve shot weddings where options 2 and 4 have been used – such great ideas. I loved it – so much more suited to the couples involved.

on March 4, 2015

Parachute in! That would be stellar!

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